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Thread: Time to talk with the parents

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    Default Time to talk with the parents

    First, I should mention that I'm currently back home with my parents because university ended and I haven't found a decent job yet, and they also know about my diaper fetish.

    So why talk about it at all then?

    I feel like I should set them straight on a few things. Or at least my mom.

    First, I'm 25 years old, almost 26. I've held a job for three years, though I'm trying to get a better one that will pay enough to move out on. I help with costs such as groceries and gas when I can (this job doesn't pay much; last monthly paycheck was $120). I help out around the house, for free unless I need a boost to my income.

    I feel this sense of responsibility entitles me to behave however I want in my life, and that includes buying and using diapers, bottles, pacifiers and such to help me cope with the difficulties life is presenting me.

    So I'm going to sit down with my mom first and have a one-on-one with her. I want her to understand that although I love her and know she loves me, I can't help but feel that her disapproving attitude is hindering me from achieving my fullest potential. Too much time is wasted worrying about whether I will get caught, and it's adding to the stress that I wear diapers in order to remove in the first place. I'm also going to make it clear that, up until now, I've paid for the diapers, I've disposed of them in a sanitary fashion, I've kept myself clean, and I don't stink up the place. I am still interested in the opposite sex, and I still enjoy all the same things that they know I love. In other words, nothing will have changed, except for the fact that she'll know and that I want her to not bother me about it no matter how much she is bothered by the concept. I'm a man, and I can make these decisions without her consent, but I chose to talk to her about it anyway. Besides, I still respect that it's their house, not mine, and so I feel the need to be up front about this.

    The only thing I would require is for her to ignore the bottom drawers in the chest so I can have a nice place to store my clean diapers and hygienic baby care products, as well as keeping a small garbage pail in my room inside the closet so I have a place to throw away used diapers.

    I'm no exhibitionist, but I've worn around them a million times without them knowing, which is a fact I will point out to prove that they wouldn't be bothered physically by me.

    Mom can worry about me all she wants. She's a parent; it's her job. But I would appreciate understanding and allowing me to practice my fetish unmolested.

    I'll probably be addressing this sometime during the afternoon.

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    I dont know if maybe im gonna get flak for this but: GO YOU!

    Its nice to see someone owning and maturely attacking a situation head on! That's truly how I see things as well, when it comes to my parents, they dont know the full extent of my ABDLism, but I retain the idea that I'm a responsible adult and I can take care of myself and make my own decisions, and as long as I remain responsible and mature about my life there is no reason for them to make a comment, or even think their comment is taken into account when it comes to my hobbies.

    I hate seeing people who are in their mid-20's talk about how they hide everything from their parents because their parents are from a different time and are still use to the old fashioned ways... I mean I personally talk openly with my parents about my hobbies in terms of social drinking and going out and even marijuana usage, I know how they feel about marijuana (they have a liberal yet guarded view on it) but until any of my hobbies prove to be affecting my ability to properly function in society or in life, they have no say in whether or not i can practice it.

    But yeah, just wanted to say; hugs to you for taking a stand ^_^

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    Basically - as they already know - there's no really down / ups with broadening the talk to what you have mentioned.

    And you are of course right, when you say you're an adult and it is indeed your own business.

    Now to give you some contra here:
    If someone - be this a friend of mine or a member of my family would come to live under my roof, it would matter of fact be my roof and there are a few things would tell them about stuff that should / should not be done at my house.
    Frankly though, whatever they would do in their room, is their business as long as it doesn't disturb me (smell, noise... for example in my house there's a Zero-Tollerance for smoking... I don't care if it's pipe, cigarets, vaping or whatever... there's the porch/garden area OUTSIDE).
    And whomever stays at my place is free to respect this or leave.

    So your parents own the place you choose to live in, and if they set certain rules / would like you to respect certain things, well you're a free person, you can leave if you don't like it.
    I know with 120$/month leaving is difficult... but there are always options, maybe not cozy/comfy ones... but there are options.
    I moved out when I was 15/16... and trust me, my first accommodation wasn't the ritz. and I worked two jobs aside from school... to stay alive.
    I am aware that economics at the moment aren't exactly rosy either... so yes, you chose to stay with your parents - and that is ok... but everything comes at a price if you get the drift.
    Personally, as much as I love my parents, I'd chainsaw my own head off my shoulders before I'd ever move back in with them for a multitude of reasons.

    I'm just saying - it was your FREE CHOICE to move back in,... and you probably knew there's a certain position towards your DLism included.
    Now you want them to basically shut up and suck it up and leave you be...
    Sure you can ask, but don't expect it to go down smoothly or even to work.

    I'm not saying you shouldn't TALK - but you come over rather "demanding" from the tone of your writing, and I just think it would maybe play out better with a tad more diplomacy involved

    What is clear though: your mom shouldn't go through ANY of your drawers in your room... you should be taking care of your own clothes... and thus there's no need for mom to put stuff in any of the drawers or rummage through them.. .that is an issue that needs working on.
    You also say your parents are already aware of your DLism, you already wear around them and they seem unaware - why not keep it that way.
    And why would you need your parents permission to keep a small trash can in your room? that baffles me a bit to say so.
    I'd say store your stuff in your drawers, get the trash can, do your stuff.. be discrete in a fashion that your folks will not be involved... and if it comes up, talk.
    Why force the issue? why create potential complications?
    After all it's not an "outing" - they already know... it's not about "hiding" - but rather I guess like "Don't ask ... don't tell"...

    Anyhow good luck either way (also with finding a better paying job!)

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    Thanks for that, sincerely.

    I have been looking for means to move out on. I seriously doubt I could live on the kind of income I receive from work, and I wouldn't want to impose myself upon my parents by asking them to help with the rent while I looked for another job. None of the places around here are less than $150/month minus utilities, so I would probably have to go without electricity and food if I moved out in my current financial condition. Things have changed in the ~20 years since you moved out on your own, and it's much harder to get a job these days, but I'm not going to give up.

    Thanks for the well wishes regarding finding a job. It's been a hard road so far, but I'm hoping it pays off soon. There's a new manufacturer that just opened up, and they might be looking for machinists.

    I didn't mean to sound rude or inconsiderate with my tone. I'd definitely be as diplomatic as possible and not force myself on her. She's my mom, and as I said, I love her to death, so I'm not going to be demanding. I just want to make sure my position is fully understood in no uncertain terms, that's all.

    Besides, if she says no, I'll be no worse than when I started, because they already know I'm an ABDL.

    When you get right down to it, all I'm really asking for is permission to store my diapers and paraphernalia in two drawers in my chest, with a trash can for disposal. Hopefully she will see it that way, and I'll try and focus on that as much as possible.

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    The only advice I would offer is that if you get a no as her initial response you should accept it graciously and give her a couple of days to think it over. Us parents can be a little irrational and hasty when confronted with something that makes us worry about our children's health, actions, sanity, habits, stress levels....or anything else we can find to worry about. You never know, if she does see your abdl habbits as an issue that she somehow blames herself for (parents can be like that).

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    Brave stuff, and honestly, I probably wouldn't want to get into such a formal conversation with her. It would be awkward and embarrassing (not the good kind :p) to discuss such with parents like that.

    I did actually reveal my habits to my mother, though. She went into my room while I was at work looking for a screwdriver or something when I was 21 and found a pack of diapers. She asked about it and I didn't really know how to lie about it, so I just said the truth that I like diapers. She was pretty cool about it, though. "Everyone has their own thing," was what she said I believe.

    Anecdote aside, I hope this goes really well for you.

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    That's really brave of you. I personally never see myself being in a situation where I'd have to talk to my parents about my little-side. Good luck with your conversation, if your lucky maybe she'll participate eventually.

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    As a parent, I was going to jump all over you about how it's thier house and thier rules, but you know what? I wouldn't restrict my kids' quirks, and I dont believe a parent should, so why jump on you? The only things that id respond to as a parent would be, 1, who's paying for your diapers now? Surely not your folks. And 2, start working around the house for free. You want concessions, give them concessions. More ants with honey and all....

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