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Thread: Using a Life sized Teddy bear as a suit?

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    Default Using a Life sized Teddy bear as a suit?

    I still live at home with the parents, And while I desperately want a fursuit of any quality at this point, I am unable to have such. My parents wouldn't understand it, However I have several 40 inch and smaller stuffed animals and they are OK with these based off that its because of my aspergers.

    I've had the idea of getting one of those giant life sized 65-72 inch stuffed bears and modifying it so I could get inside of it . I would have to have eyes I could see out of and add some padding so it fits right as well as a way to get in. I would have the stuffing I took out and put it back in when I'm not using it so it just looks normal. I would only really have it on in my room and I wouldn't expect it to be of any high quality but, its something none the less.

    Do you think this would work in terms of technical and not being obvious to my parents?

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    Technically I think it would be difficult but doable, however it would be painfully obvious to a bystander because of the eyes.

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    That sounds really uncomfortable. I mean, it's doable. You would have to make sure you're covered head to toe because the insides of that bear would be uncomfortable. It would probably not be very strong. It would probably lose a lot of its shape without the stuffing in there.

    Personally, I would just keep the bear as-is and keep it as a snuggle buddy ^-^

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    unless you are going to get one way glass in a eye-like shape, I just see no way you could pull it off without really maiming the plushie in very obvious ways. Again, the eyes. And it would be so lumpy and uneven from taking stuffing in and out, or squishing it just would be obvious you had mangled it, and even a cursory look at the back would make it clear. I am not a furry, so I am sure I don't understand the problems or how much you would love one. But I imagine it is similar to how much I wish I didn't have to hide my AB ness from everyone, that I had someone to share it with. If it's similar to that, I do understand to a degree. Still...It would just make them ask questions.

    I would compare this to my mother who works in assisted living, who has a 17 year old in the house she has become manager of. He had issues once with cutting a hole in his mattress, and basically humping his bed. Anyone who saw the teddy mangled thus would not stop to think "furry" they would probably think something very major was going on. And while some above say it is "difficult but doable" are probably, no offense meant, underestimating how easy it would be to tell, or perhaps trying to discourage you as gently as possible. But I think if you want to do this, and so that it would not be obvious, you would really have to be an incredible sewer, even bordering on amazing if you have to do it by hand, without any machine. In short...this just isn't viable. I really hope you don't take offense or get mad it me for saying not to do this. I just don't want you to be in a situation where someone finds it, and you are sent to all kinds of doctors. I don't want anyone here to have to be in such a situation. As such, I strongly urge you not to, out of concern for the consequences.

    Post Script: I should add that stuffed animals, even high quality ones, are not made for this. And they are not going to be very sturdy. This would probably fall to pieces the very first time worn.

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