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Thread: Good giant plushies?

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    Default Good giant plushies?

    I was wondering if anyone can recommend brands, manufacturers, stockists or retailers of good-quality, reasonably-priced (sub-$500USD), large/giant/jumbo (longer than 30-inches, ideally longer than 40inches) plush animal toys?

    My favourite used to be Wild Republic's Jumbo Cuddlekins range, I have their Woolly Mammoth, Triceratops and Smilodon toys, but they stopped making them in 2011, now they only make large 'floppy' toys, which is a shame.

    I also have a 3-foot-wide Jaag plush Turtle (which I got from Squishables when they did giant stuffies too), but Jaag only do custom stuff.

    Today I read about Melissa and Doug: All Giant Stuffed Animals*—*Stuffed Animals and Toys | Melissa and Doug they've got some good stuff, but I'm looking for some soft big-cats

    A problem with larger plushies is they tend to use coarser skin fur, or have firmer foam/padding in them because they're designed to be tougher. The ones I don't like are the massive store-display-only novelty toys which are designed to withstand children's beatings and slobber (eww), which is a shame because I'd really love a really-soft giiiiaaannttt Lion or Tiger :3

    Any suggestions or recommendations?

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    Costco has some bears that are 53". They have a foam spine, but good fur and fairly comfy to lie on/cuddle.

    I think I paid $40 for mine too, pretty cheap. (The bear comes in Brown, White, Panda and even Moose. Just depends what they get in stock it seems.)

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    I just got a 30 inch snow leopard, with another 28 inches or so of tail if you were to count that in the size (they didn't). It was $40 from amazon, cuddlekins series. I like her, she's a very well made stuffed animal. Not as big as you seem to be looking for though.

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    One word: SQUISHABLES! If you love round big plushies they're definitely a fantastic choice. Their main line is smaller than that but they have these super big ones that are around >$150. They're a little under the 30" mark but come on, they're adorable. Unlike a lot of big ones they use super soft fur that they use with the smaller kinds, which makes them super cuddly. So if you're willing to go a little smaller they're a fantastic choice.

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    I have a giant 40 inch Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse to hug when I am home. I Love Mickey the most as you might tell =D
    You can get him at the Disney Store | Official Site for Disney Merchandise there are retail locations but they usually don't carry the 40 inch ones.
    There is also Giant Teddy Bear | Big Teddy Bear | Stuffed Bears - that has Giant teddy's of course, they look awesome, I want to get one but I already don't have much room on my Full size bed =D
    There are plenty of other places, google is the best to search on. If you can only shop local check local retailers websites to see if they have something you might want.
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    i have the melissa and doug white tiger like 67" or something its really soft

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    Toys-R-Us has a great line of large quality stuffed animals. I got a really soft tiger and a HUGE teddy bear, although both of those combined come out to $84 after taxes. Those were from a company called Fao Schwarz, and from what I can gather just by checking prices, they seem to be the more expensive high quality brand of stuffed animals. I'm satisfied with my purchase though, both of my plushies are super soft and cuddly.

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    Toys R Us also has their own brand. I got a large tiger on sale for under $25 and he cuddles with me nicely. They are located separately from the FAO Schwartz stuff (which is about twice as expensive).

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    A favorite of mine is "Melissa and Doug". They've been around for a long time. High quality stuff. I have a huge panda that I bought for my wife to sleep with when I'm gone.

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