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    Default need help with shipping

    Hey I need help knowing how to do shipping for ABU. I have the regular address plus this on TTE 604 where would I put TTE 604 in PO box or what. It to my college. Also how long do they usually to receive them. Thanks

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    What is a TTE 604? Is that a highway or a building/apartment number or what?

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    Generally, an address form will offer two lines, Address 1 and Address 2. Address 1 is meant to be the number and road. Address 2 is supplemental information like building and room info. If there is only one address field, just put in the number and street, then add the building and room at the end.

    As an example: 1234 Campus Road, Party Hall Room 246

    Don't use the PO Box field unless you are sending to a PO Box.

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