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    Default Hi hi

    I am Ptarmigan, the greatest birdie in the whole world. It's a white bird that changes colour from winter to summer.

    Anyways hello folks! cheep cheep~

    Not much else to really say. Honestly I'm terrible with introductory topics. :p

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    Welcome to the community. Maybe let us know a few of your hobbies or interests.

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    Well I like drawing and I also do programming too. I draw a lot of birds. I'm a bird nut.

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    Hi and welcome to the forums from another babyfur and bird lover.

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    Birds poop all over my car.... I'm glad you wear diapers!
    Seriously though welcome to the forum!

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    Hello and welcome! So tell us, what sorts of things do you do for non-diapered fun? Any games, hobbies, activities, interests?

    And again, welcome!

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    Well like I like drawing and programming, and I'm a bird nut. The diaper side of me is quite small. I'm just not very good at introducing myself lol. Also, I drew the bird in my avatar. >.> I love birds a lot. Too bad they poop on cars!

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    That's a beautiful painting! I confess I know next to nothing about birds. I do however love to draw and paint.


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