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Thread: wearing diapers for fun

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    Default wearing diapers for fun

    does anyone else wear diapers just for fun, the softness and that fuzzy feeling inside( you know the one :p) im not AB and i get nothing sexual off it, who else is like this?

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    I might fetish seems mostly psychological, rather than driven from a sexual motivation.

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    I would also say I wear for fun but my definition of fun includes sexual enjoyment as well as other forms.

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    I think lot of us wear for fun if we don't even need them medically.

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    I wear diapers for fun. With "fun" meaning because they're soft, and thick (and squishy when wet ). I LOVE having nice thick disposable diapers that give me "diaper butt" and that make it really tough to keep my legs together haha

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    I wear diapers for fun but then again I'm an AB and I have fun in my diaper because it makes me feel fuzzy and comfy. But i would dare say that even when im not being little, i still enjoy the feel of a soft diaper <3

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    I too mostly, I wear and use every night but only get off sexually with diapers a few times a year.

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    My idea of it is just doing everyday activities only diapered makes it more fun idk why haha

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