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    To be honest I couldn't come up with a good title so here it goes.

    These last few months have been completely crazy. Basically my life has experienced the largest paradigm shift I will ever encounter yet. Left my town of 13 years and moved out on my own (technically). Over a period of more than two months I have gone from the east coast of the US to living on the West coast. For a majority of that time I spent it in a middle state living with my father struggling to find a hold on my unsure future. Finally I made it to California after something completely unexpected. So I'm now on the West coast living on my own without parents (I'm living with my cousin though).

    But the question in mind comes when I was talking to a friend back home who said that I have changed a lot since I left my home many months ago. I corrected him by saying that my perception of the world has changed since exploring the different geographic places and cultural people in the southern length of the US from one side to the other. But I am just thinking about it and realize I don't even know who I am anymore. Not only has my perception of the world changed, but the perception of myself, so I see myself as someone who has changed when I start to think about it.

    So my question is: does a metaphorical and literal journey in life change the perspective or the person?

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    Getting out on your own is a big step. Yes you are going to change. Why would you want to remain as you were. It's part of growing up. Besides there is so much to do and explore.
    Expect the next big change to come when you finally move into your own place.

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    Every experience you ever have will change you. How insignificant and significant the change is will vary - some things that change me so vastly, may not change you much at all.

    The world is so large and though you may understand that, you can vastly change your opinion when you travel. To me, it's not really that large anymore. Sometimes in greater distances it's amazingly big, but something as a few states are so insignificant. You meet different people, which influence you in so many ways. Their ideas may not always change you or their views, but in time someone you meet in passing may just do that. Someone you only knew for two, three days. You evolve from it.

    You try new things when you're on the road and the different fears that accompany it. Branching into the unknown is an unsettling experience, whether you have it set up to a specific destination or you're hiking in the random and planning to just end up somewhere. The road is a very amazing place - it's lonely sometimes IMO, but it's amazing,

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