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    Im new to this whole incontince thing just got out the hospital. Have no idea which brands i can buy for total incontince. Dont care if it shows or makes noise just affordable and can hold a lot. Im still wearing the hospital diapers but the things are so big my clothes dont fit over them. Help please

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    First off, welcome. As a fellow IC only I'm particularly hopeful I can help you. I would suggest a variety pack from HDIs
    with that you will get a dozen different diapers that you can sample. Some are dogshit, but others are great. It will give you a benchmark to which you can learn what works for you. It's only 13 dollars with shipping included.
    Unfortunately the chances of finding a good diaper for cheap are small. The best deal I know of is 66 dollars for a case of 96 Tranquility ATN's on Amazon. I love those personally.
    I wish you the best of luck and hope I was helpful.

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    Another product to look into is plastic pants. You will probably need them to wear over your disposable diapers. They will help with any leakage problem you might have with your diapers.
    Here's a link to a good firm. Fetware Products Superior Incontinence Protection | Buy from Fetware Products, Llc.

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    Ac medical is a good source for diaper covers. I recommend a few pair of the rubber covers. Quiets every thing down and IMO helps with any pin hole leaks

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    A great supplier for diapers is
    they carry several brands of premium diapers and offer sample packs.
    they also have reviews.

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    Welcome to the forums here, wcarhope!

    Several of us here have been dealing with incontinence for a long time and learned the best products for our needs and what products really don't work. The suggestion of getting sample packs from places like XP Medical (the owner, Gary, is incontinent and understands quite well) or HDIS is an excellent one. What you will need to do is figure out what you really need in terms of protection level, absorbency, etc. and then adjust your product needs appropriately.

    One thing to remember as you go through many of the products in the sample packs is that the better products (also higher priced) can also be the most economical. For me, I could use Depends that I order online or buy at my local store at a rough cost of $1 per diaper, or order online premium diapers from XP Medical for $1.40 per diaper. One might think it would be more economical to use the store bought product, the truth is that I would need twice as many of them per day to meet my needs as I do the higher end product. I actually save money by buying more expensive diapers.

    While the incontinence forum here may not be the most active, even perusing the Diaper Talk forum is worthwhile. Many of us who have lived with incontinence from younger ages have decided to try and have some fun with it and are not bothered by the fact that many on this site wear for enjoyment. Those who wear for enjoyment also can have good opinions, feel free to look around and discuss with others your needs. This place is by far the most mature forum I have seen with regard to discussing things I have found.

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    Thank you all of for the help I've currently purchased the Depends with tabs until I look into the things you tell me but the diapers are not bulky but very loud so thank all of you

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    Hi, I'm JD. I am bowel incontinent. I can recommend the new Wellness Signature Superio diapers. These are a plastic-backed diaper. I have conducted extensive testing on these diapers, particularly for fecal incontinence. They have very high gutter guards and leg gathers. Absorbency also is high, surprisingly so. Fecal containment is excellent.

    You order these directly from Unique Wellness company. If you register, they will email you a periodic discount coupon.

    Please note that these are a completely new diaper. The original Wellness diaper (with green plastic shell) received a lot of criticism and is not recommended.

    Best wishes,

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    Welcome to the forums. One diaper that is very popular is the Tena Slip Maxi. (It is the one I use.) It is a thin but highly absorbent diaper that rivals the thickest and bulkiest for what it can handle. There are many places online where it is available. As with all high quality diapers, it is not cheap, but then you do not need to change it as often and can get away with two or three wettings, sometimes more, as it wicks the moisture away from your body very well. Whatever you choose, good luck. It's never an easy road, but at least you've found a place with friendly people who can be helpful if you need advice.

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    Sorry you have to join the ranks of the IC. I've been doing this for a very long time.
    I can tell you now what you choose will be up to you and what fits your needs and lifestyle.
    I use Tranquility ATN and Plastic pants. For me this is the right combination of protection and price.
    The diapers come from here
    Adult Disposable Incontinence Diapers & Overnight Briefs By Tranquility
    Call Sharon and she will probably supply you with a sample. A case is shipped in plain wrapping and the one time I had a problem (my Fault) I called her and she bent over backwards to make it right.
    The plastic pants I use are
    Leakmaster Deluxe Heavy Weight Vinyl Pants - AdultClothDiaper.Com
    These are thicker than most but work well for my active life style.
    I also have had no problems ordering from this company.

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