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Thread: Not sure what to do

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    Default Not sure what to do

    Im not sure what to do so i am looking for some guidence. i am a sole parent of 2 girls, 13, 10 and a boy, 8. I would like to become open with DL feelings and stop hiding it, it can be stressful at times. But to do that my kids would have to know about it first. The problem with that is for 13 years ( boy still wears drynites ) i have been telling them that they need to "get out of them". So what are they going to think if i tell them i want to wear them 24/7? I have thought of telling family/friends that i have to wear for a medical reason, but without medical paperwork it would be to easy to get caught out and that could make things worse. I have been wearing around them covered up of course. the reason i feel i need to tell them is if im wearing i avoid close contact with them, hug's, sitting on lap to read, play phisical games ect and that is so wrong and unfair to them. I have a tough call, do stay hidden for at least another 8-10 years (till youngest leaves home) or do i tell them? Has anyone had a similar experence? Not looking for right or wong answers just a general censes

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    I don't know, if I had kids I wouldn't wear diapers around them at all. I know for some it's a comfort thing and not a sexual thing, but that still doesn't mean, to me, that it would be appropriate around kids. Wearing them for medical reasons is fine, but if you don't have a medical issue, it can be really confusing and tricky to explain this to kids without ending up discussing, basically, a sexual fetish. If you lie about it being medical, then you'd be lying to your kids, and that breaks issues of trust. When they get older and/or see this kind of thing in the media, they'll put two and two together at some point.

    If you let yourself indulge in the desire (in private or w/ partner) it shouldn't need to be a 24/7 thing. I get worried when I hear people talking about needing it 24/7. I think something else must be really going on in their life that they need help with. Also I think they need better coping strategies... you can have diapers as one of your coping mechanisms, but it really shouldn't be your only one! You need to figure out ways to deal with stress that work in public, too. I'm also learning these... though I personally didn't want to wear 24/7, I do have difficulties dealing with anxiety and stress and would tend to back away from people or leaving my home. So I know how tough it can be! But at least think about this idea. Maybe there's something bigger going on here that you might need to deal with?

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    Thanks for sharing your predicament. It sounds tough.

    I do not have children so it is difficult for me give any direct answer to your problems. I can relate in a small way though. A couple of years a go I was living with a friend of mine, who sort of knew about my fetish. She was aware I liked wearing nappies and did so around the house sometimes.

    Occasionally her sister would come to stay for a weekend or a few days. She had a young daughter who was about two maybe three. My house mate would always make the point of asking me to put away any nappy related things and to please not wear them in front of her sisters kid.

    Of course I respected this and only wore when in my own room. I realised that it was unfair on my housemate to give her the worry of her sister and niece finding out about her strange friends habits. I would have ignored the request, most likely, if a child was not involved. I just feel, from what you have explained, that you are damaging your relationship with your family. You mention yourself that you are distant from them while wearing.

    Again I am not a parent so please do not think I am judging, I am not, but I want to ask what your priority is. A good, healthy relationship with your children or indulging in a fetish? Can you not wait till they are all grown up and at college as you have described. My understanding of being a parent is that you have to be there 24/7 for all their needs. Physical and emotional. If you are indulging your own interests 24/7, how can you be there for your kids.

    I think you do really need to evaluate what you want from life. You have not mentioned a partner/wife or anything. Maybe some more info would help us help you. I know that I cannot wear all the time because I have responsibilities in my life, I have to face those and then use diapers to relax in my own time or with a girlfriend. I would worry for you about lying to your children and feel they must be your prime focus.

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    I don't have kids, but I do have nephews. Right now the boys are young, 5-6 months, and I would never think about wearing around them. It could get really confusing for the one that is still dealing with the bed wetting. I also don't agree with claiming medical need. As someone who has a medical condition that sometimes makes wearing a requirement I would never want to lie, and am very truthful with people about it. I wish you good luck.

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    I have a 15 year old. From the time my child was born I've had diapers laying around and I've worn them. First, it's inappropriate to tell your children of your fetish. They don't or shouldn't know about your sex life nor do they want to know. Do not lie to them. I knew I could never get out of diapers due to my OAB. I told my child I never got out of them and they are just another pair of underwear that I have needed for occasional bed wetting and OAB, which is the truth. My child has grown up with that knowledge and thinks nothing of it, nor has any interests in diapers. So, for me, wife and child being truthful and not hiding this from the get go has been an extremely good thing. I wear 24/7. I put my child first, when I leave the house I ask if my clothing is acceptable for my child. Sometimes I wear sweats and other clothing they may not cover up things as well. I put my child's feelings and concerns first. As parents that's the choice we make when we choose to bring a child into this world. I have a very close relationship with my child and people ask me how I do it. Love, respect, honesty, consistent discipline. I'm sorry......but you may disagree, now is too late to tell them. This is something you should keep in, they do not need to carry your needs, issues, burdens or desires on their minds. They're children and deserve to have the best childhood you could possibly give them! can never go back and change it. You don't want to have those kind of regrets. If you need someone to talk to we are here. Feel free to PM me.

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    Just remember, whatever you want, means absolutely nothing. Until all your kids are gone, your happiness means zero. So just wait.

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    Quote Originally Posted by incontinentGM24 View Post
    Just remember, whatever you want, means absolutely nothing. Until all your kids are gone, your happiness means zero. So just wait.
    I think this is an extreme look at caring for children. You cannot take care of others if you cannot first take care of yourself. I have had two friends that found it easier to commit suicide than live up to this standard. In regards to the original post, I think that some thin diapers such as Tena or something similar would be undetectable. Whether it is right or wrong is impossible for anyone to decide for you. I wish you luck

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    Could you wear only at night when you are alone in your room? This would keep it clear of them, but allow you the outlet you need.

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    My 17yo son knows. He will take out my cloth diapers from the dryer from time to time. We are very open about sex, and the only comment was when he was taking them out and said, "Adults and their damn fetishes!" He still respects me and hugs me, and for him, it's just something stupid his dad does. And, he's adopted, so may have more reason than most to hate that part of me, but he doesn't, because his mom approves. He also knows that we will support any quirk he has, as long as it doesn't cause harm. Parents always know about their kids...and kids always know about their parents. I know I went through my parents stuff, and assume my 2 adopted kids have gone through mine, although I keep them hidden. My bottom line is, it makes the wife and I happy. If my kids dont agree with my low key wearing, thats on them. I dont mind that they occasionally leave their ...rags... by their beds, and my eldest doesn't care that I wear. I love them and respect their sexuality, and they do the same. Treat it as a bedroom thing, be open about ... normal... sex, and in my experience it will be a non issue. After all, who are they going to tell? Mind you, this is about meand the family I'm raising. Your milage may vary.

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    Being a DL and AB from time to time. If my dad like wearing diapers I wouldn't like to know. Your dad supposed to be strong and push when you need to be. I would have rather not know a thing about it. It's even worst when they're young because they'll be even more confused. Just leaving my point of view.

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