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    Hey guys hopefully if i can earn enough money i want to buy the Acer chromebook 2013 model (c720) near mid February and i was wanting to know beforehand if it would run minecraft/ feed the beast mod packs and Gary's mods smoothly enough without lag or any of the other annoying issues excluding connectivity that can occur. If you can help me i would be thankful. Because these are the games that i would really play.

    You will find the laptop i'm referring to here

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    It won't run it at all. It's Chrome OS, not Windows or anything. You can't even get Java for Chrome so even online Java games wouldn't run.

    Really, any netbook even Windows ones are going to struggle. You need a full sized laptop. One with more processing power, RAM and a better GPU.

    If you're short on money you might be better buying something used or refurbished on eBay. It's going to get you a bit more for your money.

    Just look for a full sized laptop, with at least a dual core processor, that isn't Intel atom, (celeron is OK but avoid if possible too) at least 2GB RAM, and make sure it's running Windows.

    The specs of that chromebook are about the minimum you're looking for. But sadly because of the bootloader it has and the small storage you can't even just install windows, not to mention mouse incompatibility and stuff even if it would install.

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    Thank paddedpuppy i didnt know that it wouldnt run on chrome os thanks for clearing that up. Would it be cheaper to buy a tower case and build a tower instead than buying a computer?

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    Well, if you know what you're doing its definitely an option to do that. As I said it may also be an option to buy used or refurbished. I bought a second laptop for my work, on eBay for just 39.99 which had come from a school who were clearing out their old computers. Works fine, barely a scratch on it and it would be able to run the games you want. And remember even if you find something that falls short of the specification you would like, you can always just buy the parts separately to upgrade it yourself. For under 50 I ended up with a fully functional laptop with a 5 hour battery, 2.1Ghz Core2Duo processor, 320GB hard drive, 1280x800 15" screen and 4GB DDR2 RAM. It had Ubuntu Linux installed on it already but there was a Windows license key on the bottom so I was able to install that too at no extra cost.

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    As PaddedPuppy mentioned, Chromebooks are simply, and basically Google Chrome.

    If you have plenty of money, I just bought an Acer Aspire V5-552P-X440 with saved up allowance and Christmas/Birthday funds and it runs excellent.

    I paid about $684 for it because it is currently on sale, but the price jumps around on it.

    It does run Windows 8, but Steam and Minecraft will run perfectly fine on it. I play Gmod and I can spawn maybe 200-300 moving NPC's, so yeah it can definitely run GMod. I'm also able to play Skyrim and such, so if you have the funds I highly recommend this laptop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by copper360 View Post
    Would it be cheaper to buy a tower case and build a tower instead than buying a computer?
    There was a time when this was true, but honestly these days you don't build your own rig to save money. Mass production of PCs has made it so you actually pay a bit more for the privilege of building your own in most cases, as large manufacturers are buying parts in bulk without retail packaging and the labour margin is very low.

    It's still very worthwhile to build your own rig. It's enjoyable, you get exactly what you want, etc.. but a way of saying money it's not.

    Also if you are going to run FTB, look for a box with lots of ram.

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    I myself am building my own desktop, I however disagree with Bound. In my experience building your own desktop is cheaper than a name brand PC with the same parts inside of them. If you were to go with the desktop building route, just give me a price and I'll give you a list.

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    Logical Increments - PC Buying Guide

    This is a spreadsheet list of what you can build yourself. The top is the worst and going to the bottom they get better but more expensive.

    gowever if you *just* want Minecraft and Garrys mod to run at 1080p and nothing else you can likely get away with a 450-600 dollar pc maybe even less. If you want to play stuff like Battlefeild 4, Watchdogs, GTA:V then you'll need a budget of around 700 or more. And that's if you got a screen, keyboard, mouse, speakers, etc.

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    I'll offer an alternative point of view to others who are talking about getting custom PC's done.

    Everyone's offered great advice on the matter but sometimes we PC Gamers think only in terms of performance rather than fitting the person

    Just judging by your first post it seems you're pretty much after a laptop. You decided on a Chromebook presumably for the ability to take it anywhere and it's lower price-point. That's great. No worries with that. Laptops, notebooks and yes, even Chromebooks are awesome for convenience and travel. You don't have to transport a big heavy tower around, you can pull it out anywhere you want and do whatever you need to with little fuss (e.g. lounge-room, office, university, school).

    I totally get the laptop point of view and I think based on what you've said that is really where you want to go (feel free to tell me I'm wrong). Really, unless you're a really big gamer like I'm assuming most of our responders are, you do not need a desktop computer. Even if you are, you can still get away with a laptop for most games no worries at all.

    In addition, thanks to the fact that the games you want to play are all incredibly easy going on your system, you have a huge variety of ways you can go.

    Really it all comes down to price and personal preference.

    For your situation I'd probably recommend a low to mid range laptop. That way, if you have a friend who wants to play any sort of different game with you other than those specified you'll be perfectly capable.

    Regardless of that though, in all honesty, you could use a five year old system to play those game with no frame rate or stuttering issues whatsoever. They are really that easy going.

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