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Thread: Goodbye, open Internet!

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    Default Goodbye, open Internet!

    I hope ADISC and some other web sites are not affected by this. But could they be in the future? I hope not I like ADISC a lot. What do you think about this? Is it the end for free internet?
    Heres the link Yahoo!

    Heres the other link

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    I saw this earlier today and discussed it with coworkers. One point brought up by this was that ISP's are now able to 'package' website access the same way that cable companies package channels. You want to be able to watch Netflix or some other high bandwidth site? That's part of the 'premium' package and costs more.

    Honestly, I think this is a ridiculous ruling and makes little sense. I currently pay my ISP for a 50Mb download capability together with 10Mb upload. If I am suddenly not allowed to view Netflix (I pay them monthly for access to their content) because they are considered to be 'hogging' my bandwidth, why should I pay for the speed I have? I pay for a service and yet they don't want to provide it under the terms of the agreement?

    I can seriously see a large number of tech companies immediately lobbying Congress and the Senate to fix this. Imagine YouTube (owned by Google) having to pay a fee because their content uses too much bandwidth. Do you honestly think they are going to agree to it? Hardly likely. If one single ISP tries to charge Netflix to carry the bandwidth, I can foresee exactly what Netflix will do:

    1. Warn any customers currently using that ISP that as of a given date, Netflix will no longer be available because of the increased cost.
    2. When said date rolls around, shut off all traffic through that ISP.
    3. Customers scream and howl over losing their service, Netflix offers to restore service to them at a higher rate to reflect the charge from the ISP.
    4. Customers jump ship to another ISP who doesn't require them to get raped financially to deal with this or scream at ISP to cut the crap.
    5. First ISP dies rapid, flaming death or stops trying to charge the money.

    This will likely soon go the way of SOPA and PIPA.

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    Honestly, I think most ISPs have enough sense to not really take much action over this in the way of charging for access to certain websites.

    The most I could see is a company such as Comcast throttling users who have open P2P connections. That said, I think even that may upset many users, as loads of legitimate services now utilize P2P systems. (Game downloads are a good example. As are torrents for open-source products)

    That said, it's still a terrible ruling. If a small ISP has dominated a location, they could do whatever they wish.

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    As one of many who kept Comcast for internet but dropped their over priced TV service I worry they will block Netflix in an attempt to force me back in to an over priced "starter" pay TV package.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyToddler View Post
    Is it the end for free internet?
    was/is it ever free?
    with the demise of Blockbuster UK (killed off by Blockbuster US; nowt like a good bit o' infanticide), i've been pondering my options for my occasional distraction and, as a testing of the video streamed waters, i joined Blinkbox, via this PC, with the intention of viewing on my telly via my Android tablet.
    aside from having to buy a HDMI adapter (only 4, no sweat), and according to the Blinkbox app, i would now also have to buy one of the costly, major-name tablets, as mine, the market dominating 'other' brand, isn't compatible, due to DRM b/s.
    nothing about this was mentioned when i signed up via PC and, according to Blinkbox, if not compatible, my tablet shouldn't have been able to download the Android app; of course, i was also lulled into siging up by Blinkbox's advertising of Riddick for 0.00, which was a lie.
    Attachment 19802
    (didn't believe me, did ya?)

    of course, i've researched this and, according to the DRM software writers and Google, mine should be compatible; but who knows (until i try)?

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    I don't understand the tech stuff but it seems to me to be more of a free speech issue.

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    This is wrong on so many levels, the Internet was designed to be open.

    Our country does not offer Cable and Internet together, but its not gonna stop me from calling this move B.S!

    Today its a few providers, tomorrow it will be more and before we know it, everybody is in the dark, like China's great firewall.

    As a society we are moving backwards because this is a form of censorship and i will not allow this to take hold of the Internet.

    I reckon the ISP that does this should be avoided altogether and if its not possible to use a VPN to bypass this nonsense.

    We cannot allow them to dictate what we can and cannot view as it keeps people in the dark of issues.

    Those who control the media have the power, so i doubt the many medium to high levels techies or even hacks will take this one sitting down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bartolome View Post
    I don't understand the tech stuff but it seems to me to be more of a free speech issue.
    Depending on the internet provider or service that you have will choose which websites that will run faster and which websites that will run slower. So when you click on Netflix the load time will be very fast. But if you click on another website like Anime Wall Scrolls, Cartoon Wall Scrolls, Cartoon DVDs, Anime DVDs, and various merchandise you will notice it will open a little slower. This will happen with wired connections that come from a phone or cable company. I don't know if it will affect wireless connections.

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    So we're not talking about restructuring internet packages into something like digital cable bundles with acceess to approved websites only like cable channels?

    Remember, I'm a 90's boy and I barely understand internet technology.

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