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    Default Looking for cable knit tights

    Good day!

    In reading these threads of late I have been newly attracted to dolls. Never really thought of them before as something I might like. Anyhow, wanted one that was more proportional to my adult size. Found there are lots, like 35" tall. So I bought one (search in eBay for "skye brunette") and she is adorable, yes, and expensive. Bought her some new dresses and some tights, to help cover up her somewhat unnatural knee joints. One pair is a white cable knit and so cute! So now I want to match her. But I've been searching for days and cannot find anything in a tall or queen or plus size in just plain white, cable knit. I am hoping y'all might have an idea of where to look? Been to the usual, such as eBay, Amazon and many sock sellers. No joy, as they say in the flying business.


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    They don't have cable-knits, but if you are willing to settle for opaque white (pure white, not off-white) nylon or nylon/lycra tights, try We Love Colors ( Plus Size Hosiery | Colored Plus Sized Tights | We Love Colors and Plus Size Mens Tights). Some of their styles are available up to 4X or EE. I currently own 4 pair of their tights in white, and I LOVE them. Pink satin dresses party dresses and black satin maid's dresses just don't look right without white footed tights under them . I'm 6 foot tall and weigh around 290 pounds. Their tights fit, even over multiple cloth diapers. I haven't been able to find white tights to fit me anywhere else.

    I hope this helps.


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    Thank you, I am familiar with We Love Colors and wanted to be sure others reading this thread know that LittleOne is "right on", they are the right place for large tights. I have some white, blue and pink ones from them and they are great!


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