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    Iíve been around this site for quite a while, reading and enjoying many of the discussions and subjects without taking part, but I think the time has finally come to make an introduction (mostly since my account was set to ďLurkerĒ :P but anyhow).

    What brings me here is what I guess brings most of us here, an interest in diapers and ABDL. Wow it feels so strange to type this out. Iím a bit scared now. Iíve never mentioned this to any living soul.
    Anyway this forum seems so very nice and civilized, so Iím glad to become a part of it and maybe even contribute one day.

    At the moment Iím finishing my masters at university. Iíve always loved animals and been fascinated by the ocean so marine biology felt like a natural choice and so far Iím enjoying it. Other than that I love the outdoors, music, fishing and a bunch of other fun stuff.

    Hope, and think Iíll enjoy my time here at ADISC


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    Hope you enjoy your stay. Im enjoying my time dont get to get on this site much, but i do enjoy it when im able to

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    Hi there
    Welcome to the community, I too was scared at first in disclosuring my DL feelings to anyone. After making my first introduction I was made to feel very welcome by another member and this gave me great comfort that I was not alone. The information given here by other members is invaluable.

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    I was born in the 60's, and have had (and enjoyed) a diaper fetish as far back as my memory goes. Got caught when I was in grade school, and in junior high (13 years old.) (parents aren't prepared or happy to discover their grade 1 kid has a fetish :O It was my deep, dark secret, all the way into the 80's, when by chance I discovered there were more of us. Guess who researched everything he could find on infantilism, paraphylias and similar in the pre-Google days. I wrote to DPF and got put in touch with 2 guys in my own city!!

    Welcome. We are a diverse bunch, male female & other... gay, straight, bi & other... grade 6 dropouts through phd's... top earners through to severely handicapped. Yet we all have stories in common, and large sub-groups with one thing or another in common. It's great. Tens of thousands of us on Adisc alone, not to mention other diaper sites (Fetlife, Daily Diapers for instance) plus sites in other languages.

    Whatever your favorite music, interests, opinions, and so on, there are fellow padded people into the same stuff. Just list it and they'll appear like magic!

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    Welcome, i have been a lurker on this site, and i love reading the stories, but like u no one else knows, but this site, and i told my wife about a yr ago, so i guess it all takes time, have fun. I'm feeling more safe on this site the more i read about people who are a lot like me. i thought i was the only one for a lot of yrs.

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    Welcome. We all appreciate your shyness, having been there ourselves in most cases. It took quite some courage to make my first posting here. Good luck with your masters. Site members have a vast variety of backgrounds, and it is reassuring to note so many joining from the top academic echelons. As you become more confident we look forward to your contributions.

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