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Thread: Drynites/Underjams/Libero

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    Default Drynites/Underjams/Libero

    Does anyone know of any alternatives to Drynites/Libero/Underjams?
    Seen some mention of some stores having there own brand ones? Especially interested in UK ones

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    Sorry to not be answering your question but I have an interest in the Liberos and would like some info on them since I live in the States and can't get the here. Are the Liberos as big and stretchy as Drynites/Goodnites??

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1066 View Post
    Are the Liberos as big and stretchy as Drynites/Goodnites??
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    they're roundabouts the same, but they are comfier.

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    Hi Baloo

    I don't know of any alternatives to Drynites / Underjams in the UK. However if you go on holiday to Spain for example you will find not only Drynites and Underjams (sold as Happyjama there) but also Moltex Youth Pants, Carrefour's own brand and Mercadona's own brand and thats just what I saw on a weeks holiday!

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    Thanks sambus, 1066, they feel much bigger however they are no where mear as absorbant.

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