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Thread: ABU, Cuddlz or Fabine?

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    Default ABU, Cuddlz or Fabine?

    Which of these is your favourite? Abus, cuddlz or fabines? And why?

    I have only tried abu sdk so far, they look nice and the plastic feels just like 90's pampers. Only the price is a bit too high to get them regularly and the tapes could be even wider, since it feels like that if you tape them low, the upper front sags. But if you tape them high, it doesn't feel tight enough around the legs and bum. Is one of those other brands better?

    I have not included bambinos here, because they are not available in europe

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    I should be getting my cuddlz tomorrow, never had them before, can't wait to try them out.

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    I would never buy anything from ABU for personal reasons, and the customer service at Fabine is apparently laughable.

    Sooo...I'd go with Cuddlz!

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    I definitely wouldn't recommend buying anything from Fabine. You could end up with defective products and then not be allowed a refund.

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    Those cuddlz look very nice and haven't heard a bad thing about them. Look so cute aswell! I just might go ahead and order the 40x all over prints, since it's just 47,87 + shipping, much cheaper than abus. Any experience from anyone here? Could somebody post some pictures of the new 4tape system and the diaper itself?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MonkeyDoodle View Post
    I should be getting my cuddlz tomorrow, never had them before, can't wait to try them out.
    Can you post some pictures of those diapers on this thread when you get them? I'm really interested to see what does the front look like now since they are renewed

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    I've had the original Cuddlz and they were good, lots of sap in them so very stiff and bulky when wet.

    This was years ago though, not tried any of the newer versions.

    I'd love to try ABU and Fabine but when you factor in postage the cost is just too much compared to M4, Tena Slip maxi or Molicare Super so not worth it.

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    I have received a sample pack of Cuddlz. The double tape and single tape types.

    I have only used the double type one thus far, and the results are positive. It looks, feels and sounds like nappies from the late eighties/early nineties. This was great for me as this was when I wore nappies as a young boy before I started using young adult ones.

    The smell is noticeable when you wet, there does not appear to be any odour control, which again adds to the baby feel. They do clump slightly when wet but it does not spoil the experience. The only real downside I found was when I awoke in the morning. One of the tapes had broke away, however because they have a two layer tape, I simply pulled the top one off and managed to re-tape without any fuss.

    Overall I recommend, but not for day to day wear, they are simply to thick. They are best used for special occasions or when you want to spend a long time at home without changing.

    These nappies are not suitable for incontinence use because they are bulky and lack odour control. Also they rustle to high heaven, only use for recreational activity.

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    Got cuddlz samples in the mail as its a long time since i last used them (2 medium printed and 2 large all over)
    ABU to expensive for my taste
    Fabine... meh..

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    Quote Originally Posted by MonkeyDoodle View Post
    I should be getting my cuddlz tomorrow, never had them before, can't wait to try them out.
    Did you get your cuddlz? Are they any good?

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