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Thread: Opinion on these?

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    Default Opinion on these?

    These seem a little odd, they look like the have a fairly babyish pattern on them but appear to be designed for adults? Yet don't seem to be AB

    Adult Diapers | Control Plus Overnite Large | | Pharmex Healthcare

    What do you guys think?

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    Pretty hard to say, there's no clear picture of the diaper itself, couldn't find on google either. You should try them out and post pictures/experiences of them here!

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    That was my thinking, wish I could, I'm not in the USA though so postage would loads.

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    They are from Singapore. I found them here to Control PLUS Overnight - Adult Diaper For Moderate Use. They are cheap but shipping would cost a bit. It looks like they have moons or teddy bears on them. I can't tell what it is. But wish I could see a picture of the diaper it shelf.

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    Having lived in Singapore before (2005-2006), I vividly remembered seeing diapers with semi-infantile designs on them such as hearts, flowers and moons etc... Many of these are not manufactured in Singapore itself and are in fact imported from places such as Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines. Having tried these diapers, I can assure you that the quality is not up to Western standards. They tend to look good from the outside but are not very thirsty.

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    hello i am from singapore the prints are actually flower and aloe vera.

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