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Thread: why are you a adult baby?

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    Default why are you a adult baby?

    im a adult baby becouse of my past i was abused in a certain way and now i guess im trying to go back before what happned to me. what about everyone else?

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    That seems to be a common theme. The deeper ABs tend to have had traumatic childhoods.

    I am an ABDL who is predominantly DL. The AB side is an occasional thing for me. Though I cannot really say I was abused, my ADHD side made it difficult for me to be socially accepted by my peers until high school.

    My DL was present since I was 3, but my AB manifested itself as a teenager.

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    I know some might oppose this or find it ridiculous, but I have a firm belief that I was pretty much born an adult baby. That being said, I don't really think Adult Baby is the right term, I prefer the term Little, because (in my mind, not saying everyone feels this way) the term Adult Baby implies a more ageplay tone to it, whereas for me its not "ageplay" its just part of my personality and what I would call my "inner child".

    I've enjoyed wearing diapers and being taken care of and feeling little since maybe the age of 3 or 4 (which is usually as far back as most humans can remember), and seeing as thats pretty far back and its as far back as most people remember, i retain the idea that I was born an immortally child-like soul. Mind you, i didn't have an abusive childhood, my parents were very kind and caring, and I never wanted for anything except maybe a better social life. I was bullied throughout elementary, middle and early highschool, but I was ABDL and Little way before even being bullied for the first time, so I don't believe it has anything to do with that.

    However, if I were to put a definite purpose or reason as to why I remain with such a quirk (despite having felt lonely many times and not really having found what im looking for after so many years), many (vanilla) friends of mine have told me that if it causes me so much pain, why don't I just let go of that part of myself; I firmly believe that my ABDL side/Little/Inner child is a very important fusion to my personality that contributes to a lot of the things that many of my friends love about my adult personality, and without that admirable side to my life I would undoubtedly be a very bitter, very untrusting, very unforgiving, merciless, and probably an all-around total bitch without it. My adult mind is very corrupt by the way society is, and I like to believe that its my child-like mind that allows me to "keep hope alive", respectively. I remember one time i tried to give it all up because I simply felt TOO alone, and it turned me into something fiercely irritable, and caused me to lose a lot of friends because of the new monster i had become; it was this moment that i learned that being a Little for me is like sharing a soul with a child-like version of myself, and therefor very important to the overall development and stability of my mind.

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    I think it's because I was small as a child and the fact I used Nappies for bedwetting made me look even smaller, I always remember having long cuddles with my mum at the age of what most kids grow out of wanting cuddles ,but in all honesty I would say I played on the fact I was small, I loved the attention I would get from my cousins, they are both girls and older than me so when they used to come over they would treat me like I was much younger then, I actually was ,but it was not all fun being the smallest especially at school that was a nightmare. I still love having long cuddles with my gf ,but there again who doesn't enjoy a good cuddle.

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    I think it's about as pressing a question as "Why do I like pizza so much?" and about as easy to reasonably answer. I'm this way because it seems like there's no other way I could be. It's because as far back as there was a me to remember, I had some kind of interest in diapers and baby things. It wasn't totally consuming but a lurking thread of interest. I would not be at all surprised to learn that lots of "normal" people had this come up from time to time as well but perhaps there weren't quite sufficient threads to fully make the connection.

    In any event, I think what I do with it now is a much more important matter than where it came from. I think I'm doing okay with that most of the time these days. It's much better than it was when I was younger.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigbabyadbl View Post
    im a adult baby becouse of my past i was abused in a certain way and now i guess im trying to go back before what happned to me. what about everyone else?
    I am a developmentally disabled older adult with Autism and Cerebral Palsy who was profoundly neglected and abused by an untreated mentally-ill psychotic mother. I mentally regress to being like a totally helpless infant with no control whatsoever over my body.

    Severe early childhood abuse and neglect seems to be a very common underlying cause for regression back to the helplessness of infancy.

    After all, infants are supposed to be given unconditional love and caring 24/7.

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    Quote Originally Posted by caitianx View Post
    Severe early childhood abuse and neglect seems to be a very common underlying cause for regression back to the helplessness of infancy.

    After all, infants are supposed to be given unconditional love and caring 24/7.
    I wouldnt go that far, i would say that maybe on THIS site it seems to be an underlying cause, but all the ABDL/Littles ive met on other sites (fetlife for example) don't suffer from developmental disabilities or have history of abuse, and believe me, i've met/gotten to know a great deal of people both on here and on other sites.

    Not that this is a bad thing in any way, but i've noticed that ADISC is somewhat a sanctuary for ABDL's who are in fact either developmentally disabled, or have had some kind of childhood trauma that connects with their ABDL-ism. It peaks my curiosity to figure out why a large portion of the ADISC community happens to be this way - quite fascinating really.

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    I honestly had a pretty good childhood as far as parenting goes what I think pushed me into infantilism was the bullying I received from other children while in school, but what I wonder is am I better off for having this fetish? I mean lots of people are bullied or have abusive parents, but not all of them are AB/DLs. Everyone has ways to deal with problems like that some are harmless like ours, but some like drinking can be dangerous and sometimes people with a past like that can become abusive as well, but alot of us also grew up with those problems, but all we do is act like babies which comparatively is much weirder, but also healthier. So do any guys think we like won the weird habit lottery?

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    I don't know if it's one event that caused it because I've had the desire as long as I can remember. If I had to pick a cause I would say it was actually my early potty training. As I've said before I was completly out of diapers by age three which I've always thought was really early, early enough that I don't have any memories of wearing diapers. So I guess in a way you could say I've just wanted to know how it felt. That being said I'm of the opinion that I was just born with it the story is just what I would pin it on if I believed it's triggered by an event.

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    I really haven't quite found that out yet,

    in an other thread I suspect that constant verbal bullying and being called baby in daycare could of had some influence as I explained in that thread that I was very insulted by that same insult years later and I do have a bit of a double standard when it come to childish things

    though overall I had a good childhood, granted I could have socialized more and my parents were divorced (but on very good terms) and all of the potential causes are more or less nitpicks and have probably happened to a lot of people
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