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    Quick couple of questions...

    I currently have a baby dummy (Paci) that I use a night, is it worth updating to an adult one?

    Also just using baby changing mats currently, is it worth changing to an adult one?


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    Yes on the paci, probably not on the mat. The point of the mat, unless i have it wrong, is to avoid getting pee-pee or poo-poo on the floor/surface, so an upgrade there is not really needed if that is not a problem. Unless having a big one will really help you feel smaller/more babyish.

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    I use one of my own re-usable large incontinence bed pads as a changing mat to change myself here in my bedroom.

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    the changing mats from babykins look fantastic. I have one from CosynDry which is nice but its just too big... its literally meant to be a nursery changing mat, but i prefer a smaller, more portable one. The ones from Babykins are just that, AND they come in cute designs. As for the paci, i would definitely recommend getting an adult sized one, the small ones eventually cramp your mouth and get uncomfortable.

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    I would second the Babykins changing mat. Have one that I have had for years. Looks and works great. This is a company that makes irl baby products for the smaller set and branched out into 'our world' so their stuff is usually excellent.

    Like the Nuk 5 myself with the white shield it comes with. Tried modded out ones but find many of the baby shields look great but don't fit my mouth as well as the original.

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