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Thread: Looking for a new type of nappy

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    Hey Everyone

    I should probably start off with saying why I am here :P

    Basically I am looking for a new nappy as you can probably tell from the title. I currently wear one every night and quite frequently during the day. Currently I wear Drynites, however (despite being pretty skinny, about 32 inch waist) they leak and fall apart by morning.

    This obviously isn't what people want from a nappy but for me the baby likeness of a nappy is very important, especially have ASD and it being a major coping strategy for me. This means that I am finding the prospect of change very difficult atm.

    Ideally I would like to find an affordable nappy, that is cloth backed (not plastic) but is also colourful (not plain white), I currently have some adult nappies (Abena M2's I think) that I have put tapes on to make look more babyish but the tape is really not flexible and can make for uncomfortable wearing.

    What types have you come across that are good? Does anyone else use tapes?


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    Hi well I just ordered some Cuddlz I heard they work well and have the cute baby prints ,but are not cloth back, currently I'm wearing (lilfit supreme maxi small) they don't cost to much and work well and are cloth back I would say give them ago, they keep me dry, night and day.

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    I think you should check out ABU Cushies (cloth backed)

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    What colour are the lilfit supreme maxi? ABU cishies are great but are very expensive sadly.

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    White, with a light grey wetness indicator for maxi, and it has stars on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dprlover90 View Post
    I think you should check out ABU Cushies (cloth backed)
    Dang! Stole my thunder. was JUST gonna mention the cloth-backed Cushies. AFAIK, ABU are pretty much doin' a pre-order thing with 'em.

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