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    I am a bedwetter, and I normally wear large goodnites for boys, but they are a little bit tight around the butt and thats where they leak at.

    I weigh 152lbs, and have a 31 inch waist.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Thank you

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    Children's diapers are not designed for adults. Get something that fits and will contain an adult wetting.

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    Similar size waist to me, try samples. Or good ones are Molicare super, Abena M3 or M4 , Tena Slips

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    Bambino! The only diaper I wear. Never have to worry about leaks!

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    Definitely get Bambinos if you have the ability to order online.

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    I've been dealing with bedwetting for the past 34 years...
    And in my opinion there's no real need for those hyper-super-absorbent thick monster diapers... unless you're sleeping 12+ hours or drink gallons before bed-time.

    For me I usually wear an Attends Slip Regular M10. Or the Tena Slip Maxi (on those rare occasions I'd like to sleep really LONG).
    haven't had any leaks in ages.

    As others have said I don't recommend the good-nights or any other youth/children type product for use on an adult person...that rarely works well.

    I vote against the ABDL Design premium diapers like the bambinos - mostly because of economic (pricing) reasons.

    It's a different matter if you ENJOY such diapers - then fine... but if you wear for need - every night... price often plays a big role...
    I'm financially independent - upper middle class - and could "afford" basically any type of diaper... but none the less I don't like to put my hard earned cash in the trash every morning.
    or at least as few coins as possible... yet I still want a well working product.
    I have found that the premium grade incontinence products such as Attends, Tena, Molicare, etc. really work well for that purpose.

    AGAIN: if you like thick AB-type diapers - there's absolutely NOTHING wrong with it!!! Go for it

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    A few suggestions, I would suggest Abena's I have never leaked in them, but also I know that Attends and Tranquility offer an overnight adult diaper, they probably would fit better. As far as sizing that is something that would be able to be figured out if you call and talk to a person that sells adult diapers. Remember they will not make you feel uncomfortable as it is.their job to supply their clients with the best product possible.

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    As everyone else has said on here, get adult products.

    What has your doctor said, have you been referred to a urologist yet? I had an incontinence nurse when I was wetting the bed, they have great advice about products etc.

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    For night diapering, for me, there is nothing better than a cloth diaper and a pair of high back high quality plastic pant. I sleep either on my back, side or tummy. I sleep in all these positions throughout the night and never experienced a leak with cloth diapers (11 layers in the central part and 3 in the side parts). My experience with disposable is that most of them leak when sleeping on your side with or without plastic pants.

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