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Thread: Fabine leak problem

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    Default Fabine leak problem

    I just received a case of the plain white diapers from Fabine.

    Just wanted to let you know there's a pinhole leak problem, and this is more serious of a leak than the problems that the abenas had some years ago. My pants are pretty much wet after using these, and not even close to being at capacity.

    I wouldn't recommend forking over the amount of cash that they cost until I/we get some answers from them on when this will be resolved.

    This is pretty frustrating considering that I haven't been able to order from Bambino for several months now due to their logistics issues.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Yeah, here is the response I got from them. They are essentially telling me that the white ones are the "cheap ones" and that they were marked as "Air Active" on the website, and that I should be grateful that I got these at such a "low price" (I paid over $180 for 64 of the white diapers and 16 of the christmas ones).

    I understand paying less for defective merchandise, but I was not properly notified, and I feel the response here was a little condescending from a business that is operating in such an intimate and niche market.


    This is normal, you buy the air active diapers for a very small price.
    The diapers are air active, like standing in the product discribtion - and where air goes through also wettness goes through. Just take a plasitc pants - and you can use it.
    The diapers are ok - just air active.
    But we will get the new delivery in march - the normal ones - with 4l absorbation, and the outside will be dry again.
    You will never get the normal Fabine for such a small price, because the high quality has it's price.


    Buntewindel Team

    Here is the *full* product description:

    Our Fabine Exclusiv has the following specific features:

    1. white outside film, air activ

    2. special noisy film

    Of course it disposes, as well as other diapers, of great fit, leak guards, front and back waistbands, nicely thickly etc.
    So am I out $180 because I didn't know that "air activ" meant that it has pinhole leaks?

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    Wow. I bought 2 boxes of their Christmas print nappies (really cheap) in July and they have been wonderful. I'm sorry you had such a bad experience.

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    Oh, it gets worse.


    You might want to work on the English translation on your web site. I did not understand what "air active" meant and your website had a lot of translation errors in it.

    High quality? The bambinos that we have here in America are more absorbant and less leaky than these, at half the price. I will be sure to tell my friends about this experience.


    Are you kidding me???
    You pay 4,20 Euro for one pak of the air active - you pay just 2,10 Euro, around 3 USD for one pak of the bambinos???????
    The christmas you get are the high quality, and much more absorbend than the bambino. The bambino and our diapers comes from the same maschine, take a look at the middle of the diaper, you will see the same middle. But we use more absorber and better film and so on.
    Air active is english, so if you did not understand what it means - why are you not asking?

    If you tell your friends about it, tell them the truth. That you order for 4,20 and thought you get the high quality ones. That was not our foult.
    So just tell the truth, if you will tell lies - you would not get any more diapers from us.

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    I won't be ordering from them again with an attitude like that!

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    It sounds like they don't want to be in business very long. I would avoid them also.

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    Well I've considered ordering from them before, but I will not be ordering anymore!

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    Wow what stupid customer service. I'm similarly put off from ordering from them - far too risky. If they aren't going to be professional they can't expect much support.

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    So they sell you diapers that don't work, then insult you when you complain?

    I'm tired of businesses treating us like we should be throwing ourselves prostrate in praise and thankfulness that they make ABDL products. You know what? If your products suck, your products suck, and nobody has any obligation to buy garbage. Cute garbage is still garbage.

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    More reply from them. I think what is going on here is that they got a huge shipment of defective products, and then they are trying to sell it to unsuspecting people, incorrectly labelling it as "air activ".

    I did some research on this, and even if the translation is correct, air active means that it has a cloth-like cover (which does not pinhole leak). However, these are not cloth-covered. They are plastic-backed with pinhole leaks, which means they are defective. I can't think of any reason why a company would intentionally make diapers that have pinhole leaks as part of their product line.

    And apparently at around $140-ish for the portion of the shipment that contained this type, I was getting them for a "great deal". This is really upsetting since I was looking forward to getting these.

    On Mon, Jan 13, 2014 at 11:56 PM, Abtischler <[email protected]> wrote:

    Air active is english, so if you did not understand what it means - why are you not asking?
    You are the one who is bad at speaking English, and when Paypal sees this message, they will agree with me and refund my money.

    On Mon, Jan 13, 2014 at 11:56 PM, Abtischler <[email protected]> wrote:

    So just tell the truth, if you will tell lies - you would not get any more diapers from us.
    I'll be happy to tell the truth. Companies that threaten and try to strong-arm their customers will get little support from Americans.

    I have opened a Paypal Dispute. I would like a refund for the White packages, including all shipping costs, because the item was not properly described on your website.

    I have saved a copy of the storefront webpage which describes the item, and am documenting these e-mails.

    You can refuse to provide a refund, but if you lose the arbitration case from Paypal, you may suffer consequences up to and including permanent account closure.
    Then their reply:


    we will never ever deliver anything to you and we will inform all our resellers.

    You told my english is bad - what's about your german???

    It seams strange - all other people understand the discribtion, air active, only you not.
    All companys use the discribtion air active.

    We will see - whom paypal will belive.

    So apparently now he is spreading my real name around to his resellers and associating it with diapers, which is in itself not ethical, as these types of deals are supposed to be held in the strictest confidence. What's next, is he going to tell my place of employment too?

    About the language, I understand they have an English version of the website, so doesn't that mean they are responsible for the product descriptions on it?

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    wow...i can say but one thing to sum that up. -It takes a whole new kind of stupid to do that.- Any way to speak to a higher up and get him fired?

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