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Thread: Hiyas how are yall?

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    Default Hiyas how are yall?

    Hi, dixonionthedemonlion here, just thought that i would get around to making my introduction. My name is dixon, i am a fun easy going guy, and i like to help out others, i am 19yrs old, so yea *blushes* I would love to chat with all of y'all sumtime in the chat. i am of course a guy :p so yea.. i am also a furry, if you are wondering what my fursona is, my name says it all. soooo, yea. I wear for run, been into diapers since before i can remember. well, thats my introduction.

    (PS its pronounced dix-OH-NEON-the-demon-lion)

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    Welcome to the site

    As I recall, you did manage to find the ADISC IRC channel at least once. I hope you'll find something to interest you here. Read around, get a feel for the place, and speak up when it suits you.

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    Welcome to our to our community!

    Post around as you please, and I hope you enjoy it here!

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