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Thread: Lion King is under-appreciated

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    Default Lion King is under-appreciated

    There is not enough baby items that come in lion king prints. I remember when Huggies moved to a lion king print for a while instead of Micky Mouse, they were so much cuter.
    I have some of the stuffed animals and wall stickers, as well as a small blanket, but i wish there was more.
    Also, i'm sad that pacifiersrus and dependeco-adult-daipers and nowhere else has anything lion king.

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    Way to true! I love the Lion King and yes Lion King stuff would be awesome!

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    shame lion king was great, have not even seen that movie in ages. Years. I miss it.

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    Aww man I have to agree I absolutely love Lion King and I was so happy when it came out on DVD but there just isn't enough stuff out there from it these day.I wish places like dependico and other places had Lion King stuff because I'd get it in a heart beat.

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    I have a problem watching the lion king. In '95 I heard a lecture by one of the technical advisers for the move and I know all of the secrets to the movie.

    My favorite one is the story about Raficky. When he started working on the movie they had Raficky walking on his knuckles and drawn nothing like the mandrel that he is suppose to be. He finally got them to draw his posture correctly but they would not do the male anatomy correctly, (it is an important part of their dominance behavior). Disney would/will not allow ANY male dangly parts in the movies. They went round and round on it, and the compromise was they added his two balls on a walking stick.

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    I wouldn't say it was under-appreciated. It's a very good Disney movie from 1994. It spawned sequels and a cartoon series but it had its day. Unless it gets something else, it's in the past and as such, it's not going to get major attention in marketing. If Disney didn't have dozens of ideas in development, I'm sure they'd go and mine the past more heavily, but it's easier to do a re-release every generation and otherwise "keep moving forward."

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    I would also love to see more Lion King stuff around, but as Trevor said, it's had its day.

    I am sooo glad I still have the melamine Lion King plate that I have had since I was a kid. I miss the Lion King lunchbox I had when I was in primary school though.

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    If I found a diaper with Nala prints on them I would just die of happiness! *Squeee*

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    Forget lion king, There is not enough Mickey Mouse stuff !

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    Quote Originally Posted by MickeyM View Post
    Forget lion king, There is not enough Mickey Mouse stuff !

    Click image for larger version. 

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