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Thread: Humiliated for bedwetting

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    Default Humiliated for bedwetting

    Anyone else suffer being shamed in front of people with nappies for wetting the bed my mother was under the impression that if I was embarrassed enough I would not wet the bed and in the seventies that meant terry nappies and plastic pants

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    I wet the bed until the age of 12 and spent most of my childhood wearing Nappies/pull ups, though my mum never shamed me, it was embarrassing at the time. I still occasionally suffer from bedwetting ,but only if I consume too much fluid, though I feel shame no one has ever shamed me four it, not even my gf.
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    I also wet until I was 12. This was genetic and runs in the family.
    I was never shamed because of this. In fact in reading some of the posts here I was shocked that someone would do this. I guess I was lucky.

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    My stepdad was very abbusive. I wet the bed all the time up until my late teens. My stepdad would call me names laugh at me. He would encourage my older stepbrothers to tell my friends that I still wet the bed. They never forced me to wear diapers cuz they knew that's what I wanted. I would always ask my mom for diapers. I was caught many times wearing diapers I had stolen from other peoples homes.

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    I had a lot of day time wettings so one day mom had it so I was forced into cloth diapers and Playtex toddler plastic baby pants this was in the 60's.
    Then sent out go play in just wearing a diaper and baby pants . This was first or second grade she thought it would shock me out of it I dont rember how many days I was in them.
    My dad had the same problem as a kid.

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    Well, this is such a touchy thread for me.
    Being a bedwetter and IC for almost 12 years was the main reason for me to leave home. The only supportive person about my problem was my mom but about the rest of the familiy, well, no comments about that. It's like I have always been the black sheep in the family, and yeah, I really suffered being humilliated by them, specially by my father who is a "tough" person.... What else can I say? Thanks mom for understand me all these years.
    Thanks god that bitter time in my childhood has gone and now, I'm starting to live again.

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    No - Luckily my parents and my sis' were really very supportive of my IC/Bedwetting issues...
    Shaming? never - not once and I'm so glad for this.

    School was a different matter though - entirely different. From crappy teachers with the emotional capabilities of a dead rat to fellow students.
    Well being bullied one time to many in school pushed me to start serious martial arts and weight body training... needless to say, it worked like a charm to keep the more abusive ones perfectly away. ... still school was a nasty time for me back then - I felt horribly isolated and "odd" being the one kid that still pissed his pants / wet the bed...
    The most horrible part were school trips - where I knew I couldn't get by with pads and had to wear diapers... or camps... damn.

    At home it was really different - on the other hand I felt pretty much the opposite. my IC issues were the constant focus of attention for my parents... I was pushed to see countless doctors, had more tests run on me than I could care for... had countless meds pushed on me... tried this solution, that product, that method...
    Honestly - the best was the "shrink"... the guy was brilliant and I was really glad to have someone to talk to outside my family and that he never thought my IC / bedwetting was big deal - I think it was really helpful back then, learning to cope with the IC on a psychological / emotional level was good. But once it was pretty much ruled out that the IC /Bedwetting was the result of psychological issues it was back to the doctors & tests routine.
    I really felt like a lab-rat and nothing really worked - some made me more miserable - some stuff provided limited results... Some doc's were plain "assholes" - others were really trying..
    In the end, I moved out when I was like 15 or 16... The constant "focus" on my "issues" - the constant being commanded to try this or that, do this - act like that, try that med, try this new-age crap... this and other issues at the time at home pushed me to get away and live life on my own. I was always close with my Sis - that never changed.
    and a few years later I was able to "repair" the family situation - but I'd saw off my own head before I'd ever move back in with my parents - as much as I love them.

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    When I was six my father forced my mother to put a diaper on me, right in the middle of the living room and in front of my brothers and sister. I don't think I ever got over this. My father hated me from the day I was born. He blamed the church for that because they wouldn't allow abortions. Just one more day of humiliation from a childhood that is full of them. Happy, happy memories.

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    It wasn't until the late 70's and early 80's that a lot of childhood self-esteem issues came to light and it was found that positive attitudes about things like this helped them get resolved faster. Humiliation as a tool to try and 'fix' issues was a common tactic before then, and it was often used as a 'character-building' tool as well. I remember my mother and step-father used to have me go through a 'spanking tunnel' with the family for my birthday; basically crawl between their opened legs and everyone got to spank me as I went past. What always upset me was that the girls didn't have to go through it as they were more 'delicate' than I was, so I was the only one subjected to it, and it was thought that it would help me grow up with a stronger character.

    As for shaming for wetting and troubles with potty-training, I know all too well about this as well. Kids were supposed to be completely out of diapers by the time they were three, not still needing daytime diapers until Kindergarten, so my mother tried everything she could to humiliate and shame me into getting control. The doctors didn't really try much until kids were at least five, but my mom had her own ideas on helping me find the desire to get out of diapers. Her technique was to use my sister's old hand-me-downs, arguing that they made diaper changes easier and they would give me motivation to get dry.

    I'm glad we're a bit smarter about how we treat our kids these days.

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    Yes this totally happened to me - I also grew up in the 70's and was put back in terry nappies through bed wetting age 6 or 7. An incident I recall was my mother stripping me putting a nappy on and making me stand on the kitchen table, in front of the window in full view of the street!! Those nappies did puff up really bad and it was so obvious you were wearing, so skool was not pleasant either. I wonder though if incidents like this trigger my fascination with nappies?

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