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    So there is an issue i wanted to talk about, and this forum seemed best. Firstly, no progress can be made without honesty, and i will be that. I will state what i believe, and nothing is aimed at anyone. Do not take offense as i apply all this to myself as well. Next, no attacking any religion! If you can not be nice, do not post. After a talk with emily over skype i have been thinking. Examing my gender identity. I find myself being most girly in more little modes. Combined with a few other things like an interest in female clothing, largely again in little mode. I find that i have locked such thoughts in the closet most of the time. However, ignoring the fact that i could not try if i wanted with my living arrangements, there are religious issues. I am a fundamental independant baptist, such things conflict and are the reason i do not explore that side. I may be A LG... I want advice and opinions. Attacking my religion, again, is not constructive. I measure myself by it to, and judge no-one, that is Gods job, mine is to love everyone and love god. In public speaking there is a thing called noise, which is anything that prevents your point from being effective. So please, unlike other topics where i was attacked for my religion, please consider that hurting me for my beliefs only detracts from your point hugely.

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    i don't know if it's just me;
    but i am not seeing any sort of clear and concise question that i can get my teeth in here.....

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    To clarify, what should i do in this situation. Many are against repressing such things. I have had some suggest i explore that part of me. Thing is, i am not sure if i should considering my beliefs, in that the bible mentions things like wearing the opposing genders clothes, etc. I apologize, i wrongly assumed the problem was clear it seems. Sorry.

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    having read a some of your recent posts it seems obvious to me that you are a person of deep faith.... not unlike myself.
    as such, it seems just as obvious that no one but you can choose your path. it can't simply be dictated by a book, or a priest, or your family's expectations. you were given free will to take life on your own terms and learn form it what ever unique lesions it has to teach you. your path is your responsibility and none others.... so if there are mistakes to be made and valuable things to be learned from making those mistakes, they are yours alone.

    in short, i.. nor anyone else, can tell you how to live your life.
    nor would i ever condom you for doing so regardless of how you chose...

    never be afraid of making a mistake because that seems to be how we learn best.
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    thanks. Your words are wise, however in such matters regarding my faith i try to learn from both god and others. So hearing the advice or suggestions helps me. That said i am not easily won over. It took some biblical study and much friendly advice to finaly accept being ab, most importantly the former. I am already determined to call the assistant pastor regarding why Christians wear multi fabric clothes and do not have roof fencing, yet feel cross dressing, one thing i have a very repressed curiosity about, is wrong. He tells me my constant questions on things he had not thought about helps keep him motivated to study. Due to being an ab, i have much exposure to many such things. I guess i feel i need to learn a lot there biblicaly so i can be prepared. Thanks for the input!

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    You said it yourself; your job is to love god - not interpret a man-made book that is worded in a very archaic way and also passed down by word of mouth, not to mention also EDITED and REVISED over the many years it was developed. Mind you, this is not me attacking your religion, this is me just being factual. I am an atheist as you know, but I still believe that if you believe in God and love God, that should be your concern, not religion. After all, its man who decides what we can and can't do, not God. God judges our actions in the end, and truthfully as long as you are making yourself happy and not harming yourself or others (this doesnt include making other people feel "stressed" due to your life choices, ignorance or lack of understanding can often be misdirected as "selfishness", when in truth it costs absolutely nothing to try and understand another's position, other than accepting change and accepting the revelation of things not normally seen in every day life) then any God would be satisfied with the path you walk. It's worth understanding that man is a greedy and jealous lot, and its been proven over the years that man will do or say whatever they need to, in order to prevent people from doing something they either feel restricted from doing, or disagree with entirely.

    Love God and praise his name, but realize that God wants you to be happy too, that's why God created you. In the end, your happiness and confidence will exude a light worthy of inspiring others to do what makes them happy.

    (btw sorry if my constant use of God's name is offensive, I merely say it because I don't like to imply that God is a he or a she, but more of an entity or manifestation that exceeds the boundaries of gender)

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    No worries. You are fine. I asked not to be attacked and you didnt. Yours was reasoned arguement. The problem is when it has devolved into unreasoning attacks. Saying many Christians are over judgemental is fine, saying Christians are hatefull cruel people who did/caused -insert unrelated wars/cruelties- is a mean attack. You have valid points, though i believe the bible comes from god choosing the words and men writing it down exactly. That still opens it up to translation errors though. But while i can not see any harm, i am but a flawed human. No human alive knows all the consequences of their actions. I can not see all the possible futures branching out endlessly like god. Who knows what harmless things cause great harm in unpredictable ways. Again though, good points.

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    well then in such a case it would take intensive logic and reasoning to determine just how your happiness could in any way harm someone else in ways other than those involved in lack of understanding or refusal in acceptance or even simple ignorance. Its worth considering that back then in ancient Rome, before the existence of Christianity, people just lived their lives without question; men and women cross-dressed, transgenderism was everywhere, people were gay and bisexual and kinky and no one ever looked twice or judged each other because people just LIVED... hell, even the Greek gods were a colorful bunch.

    Look up "What happened to the greek gods?", the reason for their disappearance is astounding.

    But honestly, you have to ask yourself and use your human mind's god-given gift of higher thought, and truly think how your happiness through the use of diapers or gender-bending, could in any way negatively effect the lives of others instead of positively impacting the world as a whole.

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    You've gotten some remarkably good insight from both Littlelodgewrecker and CrinklyEmily. I'm a Methodist minister of music, but I have to agree with what CE has said. One has to understand where the Bible is coming from, especially historically. There are terrible conflicts as well as information which is patently wrong. At the same time, there is truth that astounds me, from time to time. I know that conservatives are warned about sifting and sorting, because if we don't take one part as truth, does that not necessarily negate other parts?

    Historically and traditionally, the writers of the Bible used stories to tell greater truths, and sometimes, something different all together. God gave us good minds to reason what is important, and what honors Him, at least in most instances.

    That brings us to you. I think you need to find some balance between what you think God expects from you, and what you need to do, within reason, to find happiness. Only you can find this balance. There are plenty of God fearing members on this site who wear diapers, dress like babies, either gender, and have reconciled this with their maker. My own feeling is that God has expected a number of things out of me, and for the most part, I have either met those expectations, or at least tried.

    I try to help others, and I have given much of myself, my time and energy to that end. I try to be kind and caring, and giving, at least to some extent, and so what is more important? I don't think that neither God nor I am responsible for the way my brain functions. I know I am not like most others, wanting to wear diapers, act like a baby, and sometimes, enjoying more feminine attire such as pink plastic panties or training pants. In the bigger picture, I don't think that works against the Kingdom of God.

    Hate, malice, envy, greed, and so many more destructive actions displease God. I suggest you decide who you are; who you want to be. Traveling the road less traveled, even if it includes wearing feminine clothes, diapers, etc, but being kind to others, is a road well trod.

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    As usual dogboy, there is some major wisom in what you say. I can't think of a single post of yours that lacks some nugget of wisdom to be honest. And I can say about the same for Emily. Thinking about how my gender stuff is best labeled is slightly weary. Something I guess I need to figure out, but at the same time with my life as it is I can't do much, if any, exploration. Much of what I determine comes from gathering how I act around others (online). As I show no one in my real life my little side. But I have noted that as I am most feminine when most little, there is a fair chance I might indeed be a LG, either way I guess it doesn't matter much. I am what I am. Amazed people at my Soul Eater rp site tolerate my little side so much, for some reason the people there tend to draw it out of me without meaning to or knowing they are. But no one seems to mind. ^^

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