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    i'm a big time fan of playing video games and i'm sure there is many here who'll agree that it's comfy wearing a nappy and playing games. So i hope this works out, anybody fancy adding me on their playstation as a friend .. Great to know the persons your playing with are wearing nappies too and might b wet, funny... hold on guys i need my nappy changed while playing ?

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    There was a thread simmilar to this quite a while back, and when you talk about Playstation are you talking about the PS3 or PS2?

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    Umm, this is kind of tasteless don't you think?

    If you want to add other people, don't attach wearing nappies as a condition to being added. That's a bit creepy, would you agree.

    Closing the thread because there are plenty of other places to ask to add people, and the way you asked isn't likely to gain any friends.


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