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Thread: My blessed coming out experience

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    Default My blessed coming out experience

    So, starting Halloween of last year, I used my "baby" costume to come out to a few close friends of mine about being an AB. Over facebook group messenger, I explained the costume to them and I gave them the best explanation that would help them understand where I was coming from.

    It went over pretty well, but two of the ten people I told, come to find out, they weren't all that crazy about it, although they didn't mention anything to me, they at least respected me enough to keep it between the people I told and not share the information with anyone else. I got nervous but I didn't lose my head over it and decided to close the facebook conversation.

    Not to be fully discourage and backed by the remaining friends who actually thought it was wonderful, I came up with the idea to make a secured facebook page for my "baby" persona and came up with a plan to tell *ALL* my close friends and co-workers about it. By secure, I mean, the profile seen from the outside is a bunch of non-sense and you cannot see the content unless I A. Invite you and B. Set you to close friend.

    One by one I began to take my time with each invited person and so far, I'm just over 40+ people and the responses I've gotten over the past two months has been nothing but positive, in fact, one even apologized that I had to hide it for so long, which threw me for a loop like, wait, what?

    In closing, I've explained to each and everyone of them that it isn't easy for us to come out with such information because really A. There's no real reason to, at least none I could ever come up with other than the fact that even though it's my own personal business, I hate feeling like I have something to hide and B. Most people won't take the chance because they have so much to lose.

    The common response I always seem to get is, if they're your "true" friends, then it should never matter. They are actually proud of me for having the guts to share such a personal thing with them.

    On a funny note, out of 42 people and growing, Not one and I mean, NOT ONE has asked me YET if I actually use the diaper lol.

    Anyway, just wanted to share that with you all.

    Note: I'm not endorsing anyone to do what I did, I'm just merely sharing my experience.

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    The deeper you delve, the more you'll see that it was silly to hide for so long anyway. and soon you will even see that telling your friends will result in feeling even sillier because you will wonder why you ever hid from these people to begin with. I came/come out to all my friends about my little side, sometimes i dont come out and i just let them ask about the random quirky things lying around in my apartment. The way I see it is that honestly, there is nothing harmful or otherwise strange about it.. so why keep it a secret?

    I mean put the situation in your head for a moment; lets say you are out somewhere and you are wearing a diaper, and you happen to reveal it by accident and then the person you're with asks "whoa! are you wearing a diaper?" the conversation can only go one possible way:

    You: yeah
    them: why?
    you: because I like to? Is there something wrong with that?

    this is where it splits into 2 different outcomes:

    Themh.. um no i guess. (end of story, and you can explain to them if they show genuine curiosity)


    Them: yeah! wtf! only babies wear diapers! you're weird!

    (to which you can still choose to explain if they have what it takes to listen)

    In the end, its not worth hiding something harmless for the sake of saving a reputation or saving a friendship. But im glad everyone has been accepting of you! Thats yet ANOTHER thing you will notice; generally people dont CARE and dont MIND that you are ABDL, all my friends have reacted admirably, literally all of them. And im talking an entire city of people, since in my town word spreads like wildfire. I have many friends who look up to me for having the guts to come out as not only ABDL but trans too. People admire courage, and when something like this comes to light under the pretense that "I am who I am, take it or leave it", people usually applaud the assertiveness of the situation. I've noticed that most of the time when a person has a bad coming out experience, its because they werent confident enough or they werent informed enough to put up a defensive argument (if necessary).

    If we just own up to what we are and let come what may, things would change greatly for our community. Why do you think bondage and BDSM is so widely accepted and people arent afraid to admit they are into BDSM or Bondage or Leather... its not because there are MORE of them and LESS of us, its because they're not AFRAID to admit it and they are proud of what they are.... we should be too, and when we do, i can guarantee a huge change in the way our community impacts the world. There are more ABDLs/Littles out there than we think, we just gotta come out of hiding and be ourselves and say FUCK the social consequences

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    my grandma and both parents know, dad took it badly but when he walked in on me he went to mom for info not me, and hates awkward talks. No idea what he thinks it is and after the bad responce, i am scared to bring it up now that he has largely forgotten. Not to mention my mother would get mad that i brought it up if i did. All those i consider friends know, though they do not see me irl. Well most do, the others...kinks just never came up.

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