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    I am a straight boy and not a sissy but for some reason I like cute looking diapers better, is this a common thing?

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    No, I have a huge preference for diapers with cute prints or cartoon characters on them. There was a poll to this effect on the DT forum just maybe two weeks ago, too. Hang on, I'll find it.

    Looks like it's closed. -_-

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    Define cute. I mean, we all are our own people even when it comes to stuff within the abdl community itself, so I wouldn't be too concerned about something like this. However I will say that if you mean diapers that have teddies and stuff like that on them then from what I've gathered the answer should be a strong yes. It is probably just something that appeals to the kid in you.

    Hope this answer helped a bit

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    I'm this way too, i'm straight, and not a sissy, but I want to look cute as an adult baby, I think that is probably a normal emotion of an adult baby, or at least one that is of a younger mentality.

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    well the idea of having a cute diaper is not a sissy thing... its a baby thing. If you're gonna look like a baby, you might as well wear cute looking diapers.. this applies to boys and girls.

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    I don't really get that, It may be that you have just a hint of sissy in you, as I am sure most people in this community have at least a hint of everything but maybe you just like the designs better for pure aesthetics, Maybe someone else could have a better answer

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    Quote Originally Posted by FallenWolf View Post
    I meanr girly designs
    There are some super cute girly designs for diapers on bambino's site, and dependeco-adult-diapers that i would enjoy wearing, but i don't get them because even my little side still holds to the stigma of it being a girly style.

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