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    It has been a long time since I have gone swimming or to a water park, though to be honest I really enjoy those activities, simply because I gained fifty pounds and hated the way I looked. But over the last year and a half I lost all of that weight, and now I am back to what I used to weigh, and I look, if not exactly "good," at least not utterly fraudulent in a bathing suit...and I could go to the pool again if it were not for one teensy tiny little detail...

    In the last eight months I have of course become incontinent. I need diapers 24/7. And diapers, though potentially adorable under a bathing suit at least to the eyes of an ABDL, don't work at all in water (as we all are aware). So I am left with a conundrum: what does an incontinent woman do at a pool or water park?

    If I wear nothing under that suit, I will wet myself at various times during the day. I will likely wet in the pool--unsanitary and embarrassing if someone notices. I may well wet walking around the park or just sitting reading a book. I do not have any idea how to deal with this short of continuing my years-long boycott of these places.

    I looked into swim diapers, but they seem to be made for poop only. Does anyone have experience with this or ideas for me?

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    drink lots so you pee clear and blame it on your wet hair dripping... ?? not sure how to get around that. I just use a cath and keep the end plugged.. tho ill leaking around it if i have a spazzum

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    First off...urine is steril so don't worry about the unsanitary ness of it...

    Not to mention at water parks there will be kids, and adults that just pee anyhow...

    Myself I don't goto water parks much...but do ski and go boating...

    When I goto a bar or such off the lakes, I usually just goto the bathroom and put on either a diaper or sometimes a cheap pull up if it's just for an hour or so...any longer I use a diaper...

    If your at a water park...I'd say just keep wet, and drink lots, pee is clear...and unless you are totally dry I doubt anyone will ever notice...

    I know it sounds gross but there is already plenty of pee on the pool...and yes the swim diapers is for #2...pee isn't any health issue...

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    Oh, swim diapers are so cute! With a pair of floaties/water wings it surely is adorable. ;-)

    In all honesty and as already mentioned, there are that much people peeing into the pool, so adding yours to it won't cause the pool to overflow all of a sudden.

    On the beach or a lake it doesn't matter anyway, besides that you only add an homeopathic dose to it.

    If your urine is clear, no one will notice and that's what the chlorine is for. Mind you, the typical pool water smell is due to the reaction of urine and chlorine usually. What actually causes the distinctive, irritating smell around swimming pools is not the chlorine itself. That’s an urban myth, volatile substances known as chloramines cause it. It forms in pool water when chlorine combines with contaminants brought into the pool by swimmers. So urine, perspiration, body oils and cosmetics. The truth is that cleaner swimming, not less chlorine, can help reduce the chloramine irritants that cause “swimmer red eye” and itchy skin.
    Quite funny how we associate the distinctive smell of pools and it's kind of wrong.

    Anyway, the problem is rather more the... like you said ~ reading a book or sunbathing in general and so on. The best compromise I've found, so it doesn't annoy me that much, is to stick to certain time limits. So on a short break, it doesn't matter, being wet anyway means nothing attracts unwanted attention.
    And since you're a woman the most simply thing if you're going to take a rather long break would be to put on a skirt, with a pad. Wrap skirts work great and you're still lightly dressed that way, but it shouldn't be a kinda translucent one.
    A bikini would work better with that though, but I've seen also a lot of people in bathing suits with the typical wrap skirts. It's just way more complicated in your case probably. So... go for a bikini, will you! Don't tell me it's inappropriate.

    Anyway, don't worry too much and congratulations on losing weight!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ICkaraokegirl View Post
    ...over the last year and a half I lost all of that weight, and now I am back to what I used to weigh, and I look, if not exactly "good," at least not utterly fraudulent in a bathing suit...
    jammy bugger!
    for the first time in-what-seems-my-whole life, i have clothes which i'm finding are too small for me

    i don't know how far you want to go with an 'alternative', but muslim women have their own styles of bathing suits (yep, a quick google'll do it); Amazon also do board shorts for women (baggy ones, too).
    of course, there are also the Victorian and Edwardian styles, available from specialists.
    as for a diaper/pad/pant, . the aforesaid bathing garments should keep a wet-look about them, but they'll also hide any paddedness.

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    If the water park experience is impractical, consider swimming at a lake where you have some privacy. I grew up on Barnegat bay and had my own boat. My friends and I would go out, boat around, then anchor off and go swimming. You could do something like this, and if you were with friends who understood your situation, it probably wouldn't matter as boats are wet affairs.

    If you had a little personal space at a private lake, you could sit in one of those plastic slatted lawn chairs, then walk down to the lake and swim. I know that these suggestions are probably lame, but under the right circumstances, I think they could work.

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    Hello, I am medically bowel incontinent and wear diapers 24/7.

    Regarding swim diapers, I use the SoSecure swim diaper which works very well for its intended purpose. Most swim diapers are intended for bowel incontinence rather than urinary. They are designed to contain feces but not urine. Although they can contain a small quantity of urine, that is not their purpose.

    As the previous posters have indicated, leaking a small amount of urine in a pool or lake should not present a problem.

    Best wishes,


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    Speaking as a former lifeguard, competitive swimmer, and filter room maintenance guy..... A little pee from a genuinely incontinent person is about the least worrisome thing in that pool.

    1. Urine is typically sterile (unless there's other problems, of course)

    2. Pool chemicals take care of pretty much everything or there'd be all sorts of people playing the pool card for STD's and virgin births.

    There's a day camp for the mentally challenged that brings a busload to our local pool several afternoons a week during the summer. I notice several getting undiapered and put in regular swimsuits, then rediapered when they leave. Nobody says boo. Not saying you would change out of your diaper in an open locker room of course, just sayin' its less of a deal than you think. If you're actually swimming most of the time, nobody's going to notice a little dribbling from an already wet suit. Note that you're supposed to shower (by law... here anyway) before entering the pool area, so you SHOULD be starting with a wet suit.

    At our pool/water park, there are changing stalls in the men's locker room, I'm sure the women's is similar. I don't use them, but a lot of people are shy about their parts.

    Edit: When I go to the pool, its pretty much swim laps for an hour or so, get out and leave, so my suit is never dry. If I were to pee myself at any point in that process, no one would know. Not saying I have, but not saying I haven't either.
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    Thanks for all of these replies. I guess I should not be so self-conscious about peeing in pools; it's all of those decades of socialization and cultural admonition. But I didn't consider that of course there would be incontinent kids swimming without diapers in the pool as well; this is not a unique situation. So thank you all; it's a load (no pun at all intended) off my mind.

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    there's a southpark episode about this you'd probably find funny and sums up the point pretty well, but I can't find the full episode for free you'll have to look it up if you're interested. (season 13 episode 14)

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