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Thread: Diaper Buying help

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    Default Diaper Buying help

    I am thinking of buying some diapers online but I don't know if I should, what to get and where from. I am in college and live in the dorms but have no roommate so was wondering if you guys think if it a good idea to buy diapers or not. If you think it is what brand should I get and where from. I want something babyish like abus are if I can one if small, if not the best on in size small. Also if you think it isn't a good idea tell me why you don't. Thanks for the help.

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    My favorite are the teddies from bambino. They ship discrete too, so it shouldn't be a problem if you are living in your own room.

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    Bambino Teddies are tied for my favorite too! My other is Super Dry Kids from ABU. I'm super excited for the cloth-backed Cushies that should be shipped sometime this month! Both Bambino and ABU ship discretely. Bambino is slightly more expensive, but it's made up for with free shipping to the continental U.S. if you order from ABU, make sure to use the coupon code ABUDIAPER15 *wink wonk*

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    I would go with Bambinos. I don't see why it would be a bad idea to order, they come shipped discreetly. If you are unsure what brand lots of sites offer sample packs at very little cost.

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    Bambinos all the way. You can get a whole lot of them for a very good price, AND the have them in small sizes i believe (im not sure).

    No matter what company you buy from, they will always ship discreetly and only you are able to look inside the package. If anyone else opens your mail its a felony. And its no one elses business what you decide to buy online so I wouldn't worry, unless you have a bully or something.

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    ok thanks for the advice but none of them come in small so what other brands do you suggest.
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    What's your waist size? maybe the Mediums wouldn't be so bad.

    You could go for Abenas or Tena Slip (i am almost 100% certain they have those in small) bambino sells those too. Molicares are also another one.

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    its around 30" I think so small would work for me. I can still fit in to small/medium size goodnites. They are tight on me but still fit so small it the best size I believe

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    Thinking of getting Abena Abri-Form Premium or MoliCare Super Plus which is better for the price and where should I get them. They are going to be size small and need to be delivered discreetly. I would like to how long they would take to get to me from the website you suggest if you know. Last these would be worn mostly at night so I want ones that will not leak at when sleeping. Thanks.

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