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    From a negative to a positive, for example throughout my school years I was the smallest kid in my class and when I moved to secondary school I quickly became a target and was picked on daily about my size, well I'm all grown up now, and or though I am still on the small side, I don't see it as a negative any more, actually far from it as I get to enjoy wearing the larger size baby products. In life what aspect have you turned a negative into a positive ? no matter how big or small past or present.
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    Ironically I'd probably say my imagination. I used to tell elaborate lies all the time and sometimes my stories would alert the school psychologist. Often times I would be suspended for "making threats" when I made a story about a super villain attacking the school and hero fighting villain. Essentially the school made it to be where I was planning to attack the school. Growing up they seen me as a threat. Well I'm writing my own comics and novels hoping to make big bucks out of my stories and make fun of the fact at one point in my life I was considered insane, deranged, and psychologically unstable for having an imagination. And it's not just story making either, there are far more applications for originality and creativity in the real world, traits valued in various work places.

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    I was always a late bloomer. My parents started me a year late in school. I was the second smallest kid in my class. But over the years, I've accomplished a lot of different things, from being a performing concert artist, to playing in a very good rock band, building furniture, clocks, and now a writer. There never is an end to the things we can learn and accomplish.

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    Ok, so I tend to get hassled by those who know me as being overly optimistic. And, well I guess I am....mostly.... but I think this comes as a result of having to make the most of what I had as a kid (which wasn't much) I mostly had to sponge off my friends when it came to anything cool like gaming etc. So I guess I learnt early on to pay attention to the glass half full. I do get in trouble for pointing out the positives to others when they're having a crap time. Meh! usually they end up being thankful.

    Oh and to previous posters...I was always sectretly jealous of the smaller kids in my classes ... I always wondered how lucky they were that they could wear baby diapers if they wanted too.

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    Never considered it a huge negative, but I've always been slightly emotionally detached, especially on the negative emotions, but even on the positive ones. I never really got bullied about it or anything, but people used to make jokes about it in a kind of sporting manner.

    Now I work a fairly stressful job in the software industry, and one of my strongest attributes is my ability to keep shit together and calmly deal with situations that have led others to rage quit or just shutdown.

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    I've turned the negatives of my past into positives. I grew up the oldest of four kids with a father who was demanding and hard on me because that is how his father was on him. I have learned to let go of the past and the negatives because in 2004 I was diagnosed with Asperger's- professionally- and I learned WHY I was obsessive, compulsive and why I always had issues growing up and being as immature as I can be. It lifted a lot of rage from me and I turned it into a positive. The Asperger's diagnosis also helped me realize why I had a heightened memory, penchant for detail and why I can remember things that the average person does not.

    After the diagnosis I decided to let go of other events in 2004 such as getting screwed over by other ABs and enjoy life. I also worked on being a better person and letting go of my past of bullies, torment and overbearing father who always questioned everything I did in life. I also handled my own affairs better while my parents were in Philadelphia for a few years. I like to think I turned a whole lot of negatives into positives.

    I worked a job for six years after that until my back and legs gave out due to CP; I made lots of new friends and I also reunited with friends whom I STILL hang out with and have come over to visit and hang out. I am also an accomplished writer, artist and I spend a lot of time working on models which has always been a hobby of mine. I turned the negatives into being the best person I can be. I have learned that life is a positive thing when you stop dwelling on the negatives in life. It's also one of the reasons why I am not listening to some friends of mine who are ardent doom and gloomers, conspiracy theorists, et al. I am focused on the positives in life!

    Life is a good thing when you are positive and not negative. Also; I've made a new years resolution to be more positive, work on losing more weight, get back on the baseball field and to just be positive in life.


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    I am retired (medical) and accept that status and enjoy life without guilt. Before, I set myself goals which turned out to be beyond me, but on which I had hung my self-esteem. I forced myself to aim high and crashed a lot. It took years of struggle to come to terms with the fact that while my brain does some things very well, even above average, it's hampered in ways that limit my actual potential. So for me a life of lowered expectations is a happy one.

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    Well I have a lot of negatives that I've turned into positives.I mean I have several medical issues that have cause me tons of problems with my memory my mental health and a bunch of other stuff.But I've accepted all my problems as part of me and I'm glad to have them because they make me different and that difference has given me a fun and interesting life and landed me a great boyfriend too ^_^

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    I use to stay in hiding and felt like a freak or a weirdo for being abdl or being feminine, or even having out-of-the-ordinary kinks, but then i started coming out and learned to accept myself and be proud of who I am, and now i have friends who envy and respect my ability to express myself so easily.

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