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    So, I just picked up a new bottle from (which has the biggest nipple I've ever seen on a bottle btw) and I was wondering, does anyone know a good way to make a hole without overdoing it and destroying the nipple in the process?

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    I think the most common methods are a hot needle or pin, a toothpick to distend the nipple, and then a sharp knife or scissors to make the hole, or cross cuts with a very sharp blade (razor blade, for instance). I haven't tried theirs in particular bit I have found that the form of large nipple has gotten thinner and doesn't work well regardless of the method for holing it. Let us know if this one is any good.

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    the Nuk 5? Basically I haven't found a great way of doing this but heres the thing about this nipple with me (and its not a bad thing). It collapses a little (like any nipple) but it actually feels nice, what I do to cut it is I hold the nipple by squeezing it and take what Trevor said above, a line cut with a knife , I used scissors...this will help a little "vent" form when you suck from it.

    Its pretty nice and soothing I find, enjoy your bottle!

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