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Thread: If it makes me happy, I should go for it. But why am I stuck?

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    Default If it makes me happy, I should go for it. But why am I stuck?

    Like almost every other person my age, I'm stuck in the inbetweens of wanting to be something great but fearing that I don't have the intellect or ability to achieve it.

    When I was in early college (equivalent to high school) I had no idea what I wanted to do. Among all the classes I took nothing really interested me until the very last year. I took Spanish because I needed the credits, and I fell in love. I had taken French a few years before this, but I really didn't care for it one way or another. But Spanish...between the teacher's enthusiasm, the language, and the culture...I just fell madly in love.

    And despite it being about 3 years since, I still practice the language almost daily (through DuoLingo) and I'm still in love. I want to travel across the world, learn other languages, and eat all kinds of diverse foods. I want to live in this way, because the mere thought of it makes me so amazingly happy. But I'm not.

    And why is that?

    I could say that its because I'm afraid of leaving my loved ones behind. But none of them would be critical about me leaving since I've been open about my future plans as a linguist/teacher/traveler. Or at least they haven't been critical of it (besides the normal, "I'd miss you").

    I could say that its because I don't feel like I'm able to achieve the degrees needed to become a teacher/linguist. Because I've had a history of attention problems and a general lack of enthusiasm for most classes. But I genuinely tried in Spanish, completed two 2 month classes within the span of 1 semester and achieved B's for my effort. So I have the ability to do well.

    I could say that I'm scared. I could say that I'm worried that whatever efforts I put forth will all be complete failures and that I'll have nothing to show for my hard work. That I will go into debt in college because I'm not entirely sure if FAFSA is even a choice for me anymore, and that I will never get out of said debt.

    But if it has the slightest of chances of making me happy? If the classes themselves help me get up in the morning, it'd be worth it right?

    Beyond Spanish I've found that I seem to have a love for all the languages I've attempted. French is still not my favorite, but German has definitely been interesting so far. But that's just a fact that you didn't really need to know.

    I'm confused, honestly about what I should do next. But writing this down makes things less confusing. I'm going to look into colleges..get myself into classes I enjoy and need for whatever degree I decide on...and go from there. It's a step, I think.

    Not sure what I'm asking for here...I just think I needed to write this down. And this came out. XD
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    I have this problem myself. I can't seem to think about what I want to do either. Most things I find simple and mundane, so I don't want to waste my time on it. The only thing that I seem good at is coming up with new designs for items. I think I could be a great inventor, but I lack the skills in wiring and metal works. If given a good team I think I could change the world with my ideas, but that could be my ego going in overdrive. I know this won't help, but remember that we all have to find our way. Some have destiny, but we normal people much find our path on our own.

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    I've found with almost anything, taking the first step is the hardest. Cliche but true.

    Once things are rolling it's easy enough to just roll with them, you just need a burst of energy or enthusiasm or even indifference to go from "thinking about" to "in progress".

    Different things work for different people. Personally I buy into the whole goal setting thing, with the most important thing being to set an actual time line. For me there is a _huge_ difference between "I will do x" and "I will do x by <date>". I'm very content to just drift, and lame as it sounds, I need to actually hold myself to a schedule to actually move forward.

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    You're asking if it's right to pursue that which would be an interesting way for you on how to spent your time on work; i.e. your dream job?

    Besides that there's more underneath it, it's a silly question, isn't it? Just do it if it's what you want. How would like to spent your life otherwise? If life ain't about doing things that make you happy, so passion and purpose, and secondly benefit others too in a way, what should it be else?

    And risk... there's always one, but wouldn't it be rather boring if we could get everything we want without any kind of what if. That makes it interesting, are we able to achieve what we want, or not. And it's not like your idea is absolutely absurd if it's the way you described it, it's the other way around probably and you have a knack for certain languages and/or culture. Everyone has different beneficial abilities, so if you know yours already - why not use it? Most people struggle with this for years, since they simply don't know what they're good at.
    So if you're able to achieve good grades, which takes some effort of course, and secondly besides that you also like it a lot, well just do something with it. That's all I can say, and I think there's nothing more to it. It'd be worth it.

    I don't know much about the Federal Student Aid or something similar, so I hope someone might have a clue about it's restrictions. I guess it wouldn't hurt to contact someone from the student counselling/course guidance, if that's an option. They should know this kinda stuff.
    The only thing I can tell you regarding a semester abroad or finishing it there is that you usually have to be better than two-thirds from your age group, and be younger than 30. At least in Germany, though they're more ways of getting a scholarship with just being lucky to some degree.

    Anyway, of course don't be stupid about it, plan everything ahead and you have to know what exactly you want to go for. So do you want to be a teacher? If it's the language or some which you like but don't like the idea of being a teacher, then don't do it. Being a teacher means being a teacher in my humble opinion, you have to like that idea far more than what you're trying to teach. However, if you like the idea of doing so... why not. Sometimes I liked giving tutorials for freshmen, sometimes learning new things myself, but it was also exhausting.
    Otherwise just go for linguistics, interpreting or something culture mixed. The latter seems to be a bit rare, but you've mentioned that you're usually interested in the culture too. Usually it's called something like "Studies of spanish language & cultural sciences", at least over here... It usually involves language experience, literary studies, history and linguistics.

    You don't know what you're asking for since you have your answer already, you know it, you're only insecure.
    Do what you've said, it's a step and moving forward is just a multitude of steps, so don't lose heart!

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