Hey friends. This post can get rather long winded, but I'll try to keep it concise and then I can describe more throughout the thread if you have questions.

There is a background which leads up to my first official age regression with my wife. I'll start with the regression first.

I'm 42, and I've had to wear diapers for awhile due to an enlarged prostate, uncontrollable urges, and bedwetting. I've had a fetish for diapers every since pre-school. Thankfully, the fetish has helped me accept diapers whereas others would not be able to.

So last night, I went to bed in my diaper. I was awoke by my "mommy" who dressed me in my onesie. I was regressed to the age of 1 1/2. I became "Crissy", and it was my very first Christmas! Mommy took me out to the Christmas tree and showed me that Santa had brought me presents. I had a new feeding spoon, a bottle, baby bath/shampoo, and a rubber ducky. Mommy had fed me sweet potato & chicken baby food along with a sweet mango desert baby food. I was given a bottle of warm milk with a hint of cinnamon. Afterwards, she took my wet diaper off and put me in a warm bubble bath. She washed me and washed my hair. After I was all clean, she dried me off, diapered me, and put me to bed.

I wrote this down in my journal as "Day 1" for Crissy. Next week will be a new adventure for Crissy.

- - - Updated - - -

Now, the background reality of what finally led up to this. Many, many years I've wanted to do age regression with my wife playing as Mommy. She wanted to do it too, but I kept changing my feelings and attitudes about it. I still had to wear diapers, because of my condition. But the age regression seemed like something that I would never ever do. I was having emotional difficulties with my wife, and I didn't think the relationship was going to last.

Then before Christmas, my wife had to go to the hospital for Congestive Heart Failure. This was before our insurance started, so emotions went all over the place. I worried, I felt dread, I figured my life was over, why bother, etc. etc. We at least got to spend Christmas together, but it wasn't as enjoyable as previous years. Then on January 1st, I had to take her back to the hospital because she was always short of breath. She had been in there for 7 days! They discovered she has Pulmonary Hypertension and several other things. I was a wreck, my emotions pulled me in many different direction. It's nothing new. This has happened before throughout my life whenever something disastrous happens in my life. I've never felt right, balanced, or even myself. Halfway through my wife's hospital stay, I had an anxiety attack and went into the hospital myself.

During my follow up with my doctor a few days later, he diagnosed me with bipolar disorder. It all made sense. After receiving medication and letting it settle in my body, balance seems to have been restored to my brain. All of my positive personality traits went to the surface, no longer surpressed by all the anger, self-righteous, negative emotions. Along with those positive traits was the one where I love age regression.

Age regression allows me to shut the horrible world far away from me, so that I can have peace. A time to be taken care of, loved, and play. And I'm so thankful now that I can finally enjoy this without my imbalanced brain preventing me from doing so.

I wanted to share this story with you, because I'm sure I'm not the only one on this forum with bipolar disorder. I had to go through hell, emotional torment, and a near heart attack. But at least I got the treatment I needed, and the help I've been needing for all my life.