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Thread: When the baby becomes the daddy

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    Default When the baby becomes the daddy

    I'm a baby have been for nearly 2 years and I'm loving it being babied by people amazing fun, but one day I want a little tyke to cuddle with and care for put to bed in a fresh nappy and give him or her a warm bottle and always look after and love them maybe not now but hopefully in the future I'll be a loving daddy

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    I know what your saying. Me i really have not got to experience the babyside per say. I do get my diaper changed by a female friend who is not really into the ab part. I sometimes wonder if i should just be a daddy to help out another baby in need

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    Though I've been in an AB or submissive DL role in almost all of my ABDL experiences, I've also been in the "big brother" role a couple of times. It can be really enjoyable for me if the emotional chemistry is right. I know quite a few guys who used to be exclusively submissive ABDLs but who now sometimes enjoy being the authority figure.

    I think that what you like as an ABDL is a good source of ideas of things to do in the caretaker / authority figure role. But it's also important to keep in mind that people have different tastes--not every ABDL will like what you like. It's also good to be open to the possibility that what you enjoy doing in the caretaker / authority figure role is different from what you enjoy experiencing in the baby / toddler / submissive role.

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    I can get that, something that I would personally love is to do big brother little brother so both people can regress and take care of each other, plus you get the playmate. plus the care styles and fantasies work better like this for me but I have never tried it.

    but if you have an urge to go full daddy I would go for it, there have to be a lot of little kids out there who need one

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