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Thread: Recent airline travel through TSA

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    Default Recent airline travel through TSA

    Ok, for all those who are curious, I thought I would let you know my most recent experience of airline travel.
    Normally I change before I go through TSA, but I'm running very low on my diapers from bambino and they're currently out of stock, so I'm trying to not be wasteful.
    I get to the airport with my wife and I'm wearing a Bellissimo. I've had three good wettings, so I'm wet! I go through the full body scanner no questions or anything. Very, very surprising. However, they did pull my baby powder out and tested it. This was at the PDX airport.
    On my return flight same exact thing.....wet diaper full body scanner no questions asked. They just tested my powder. Was happy I was not pulled aside or to a room. Was very shocked but very relieved. So for all who are curious.....this was my experience out of Oregon to LA, California and Back!

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    Thanks for the info!

    I REALLY wanted to wear some bellissimos when I traveled for my last business trip, but I chickened out since I was unsure how things would go with the TSA. So I still packed a few in my carry on and they made it through the scanner no problem.

    I probably wouldn't risk bringing them with me if I was traveling with a coworker. Not worth the risk of the TSA inspecting my bag and potentially discovering the diapers. I would definitely be embarassed, especially with the bambinos

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    I once flew to Mexico for a wedding, and saw some cool disposables in a store there. I was tempted to buy them, and smuggle them back (I was traveling with friends. At customs at LAX, they searched my bags ( with my friends looking on), laying EVERYTHING out on a table for everyone to see. I'm glad I didn't buy those diapers after all, lol

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    I wish they were that relaxed at BWI. I had to go through in a wheelchair and I got searched EVERYWHERE. At one point I recoiled slightly and had a short exchange with the inspector.

    "Why did you pull away like that?"

    "You mistakenly pressed on my scrotum, sir."

    "Well we'll have to ask you a few questions. Come with me."

    Two hours later I was let go, but I had missed my flight and had to wait another three days before I could get on a plane.

    You could understand my frustration because I was travelling for life-saving surgery.

    I haven't flown since.

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    My flying experiences are the same as the OP. Haven't had any issues with TSA from wearing a diaper. Actually, haven't really had any issues. I am a fairly laid back traveler, maybe I put out a calming vibe

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    I've worn through security but not in the past couple years or so. Once I had an "enhanced" pat down...but that was from random selection -- before the body scanners were widely used.
    Other than that I've never had an issue although I do tend to change once I'm through because wearing isn't a necessity for me.

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    I've never tried to wear on a plane and I never would. I have a metal plate in my leg so I get pulled aside for a pat down at least 50% of the time I travel, if not closer to 75%. I know they're just doing their jobs and I don't get angry with them for it or anything like that, but they do stick their finger under my waistband when they do it so if I were padded, they'd be exposing the top of it during that portion of the pat down. Not something I would want to happen. So just because of my circumstances, I'd never wear through security. I'm really glad you had a good experience, though. That's how it should be.

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    I had a friend get arrested for disorderly conduct for wearing while trying to board a flight in DC. Went thought the full body scanner and they pulled him aside for a patdown. They than took him into a private room for farther inspection and wanted him to strip. Also asked him for a doctors note saying that he needed them. After refusing to strip he missed his flight and was charged with disorderly conduct.

    And I know this to be 100 percent true because I've known this individual for years. Had to get a lawyer to get the charges dropped.

    So yah, fuch that...Not gonna chance getting pulled aside. Especially with a fetish diaper on.

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    I have been checked and questioned about diapers also. I was never strip searched but had my waist line checked and pulled at. I was asked about the diapers. They saw the extra diapers in my wife's carry on and it was pretty much dropped there. It was a bit embarrassing as this was out in the general in section area. But I kind of took it in stride and thought well you wanted to know what being a baby or older kid in diapers is like. So was a small thrill, though not sure want to repeat.

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    not once been given grief with the TSA about my diapers, and i've been wearing em whilst flying since before they went crazy with the security, the worst I've gotten was with customes, once, when coming back to the US after a Caribbean cruise, not hiding anything, not doing anything wrong, but the customs officer kept asking question after question, (Oy Vey)`it was getting ridiculous, until I told him to search EVERYTHING if he so cared, diapers, carton of cigarettes, legally prescribed medication (insulin) by a US doctor and all. he finally let it drop when my mother, who went through a different line piped up and said 'XXXX Are you coming ? or are you going to mess around with that customs officer some more? at which he finally let it drop. About the only other time was an airport cop in San Jose, Costa Rica who wouldn't let me board with the cigarette lighter I arrived there with (dumped it, lost $1 at the most and no more grief). Then again, I now have clearances to enter EVERY area of an airport with tools that would ordinarily have to be fedexed to my destination.
    BTW - It helps to know half of the local TSA staff personally

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