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    Default taz pacifier- babypants

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    you decide

    If your considering ordering the baby king taz pacifier from babypants please wait until the update their pics. The one i just received is not the same as pictured. I liked the one pictured but got a more pastel color one with a different taz on it, some of you may like it, i dont.
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    I got a response from the company
    "Hi Marcus, the colors are identical but may appear slightly different due to the computer color palette. The picture may be slightly different but this is what the manufacturer is producing now. I’m not sure how you would like this corrected. We don’t have any other Taz than the one you have. Thank you."
    Pictures slightly different, ummm i would say entirely different, color change due to color palette in the manufacture process- understandable

    If any of you ordered something online and received something different how would it make you feel? how would you want it corrected? Say you ordered a nice shirt, pair of pants, shoes, a hand bag, and it came in different than was pictured what would you do? if the company responded like this

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    The pacifier itself doesn't bother me, but to place myself in your shoes, I'd have to say if I bought something online and it wasn't what I wanted and expected, I'd be let down and like.... I'unno. Unhappy about it. I'd want it corrected by not having the product they sent. Like, an exchange, though at the same time, I'd be wary to switch out, because I could very well get another item that isn't what I thought it'd be. So, the worry of exchanging an item I don't like for potentially another item I won't like is rather disheartening.

    I'm sorry that happened, but like, at least you brought the awareness of "Be careful what you purchase".

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    The colors thing makes sense. How the photograph is taken, how it is processed (encoding), how it is ultimately displayed on your screen, and your monitor can all have a fairly drastic impact on how something looks.

    The picture is definitely different though as said. This does of course happen. Manufactures tweak their products and sites are slow to update photos (and sometimes they straight up don't notice until someone complains). Most sites cover themselves with a disclaimer somewhere saying "product may not be exactly as appears" or something similar.

    As for recourse, as the option to get the one you actually wanted isn't there, you really only have two options:
    - ask for a refund
    - accept this disappointment as one of the many trials in life

    As to how I personally react in this kinda situation, I usually lean towards the second one. If a company intentionally screws me over, I'll usually add them to my avoid list, but a situation like this which was probably almost unpreventable on the part of the site (probably not feasible to unbox every shipment received by the manufacturer and scrutinize it against advertised photo for minor variations) I just let it slide.

    I usually don't bother going after a refund unless it's a really big item or the company really pisses me off. Usually between the hassle of doing it, and the cost of shipping (usually your expense), it's rarely worth the time or bother.

    Edit: I would add the companies response leaves a lot to be desired. Usually these things are a little more apologetic, and at least some kind of token remediation should be offered (store credit, 10% of next purchase, etc), especially as they've admitted their was a variation. I'm left with the impression that they don't really care or don't perceive this to be a big deal.

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    Thank you for ur thoughts, im left with the same impression as them not really caring that it happened. With so few places to get ab stuff i don't plan on putting them on my avoid list. I responded to them with similar questions as to what would they do had it happened to them. Just as a way of allowing them to consider the disappointment they would have.

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    Given my experienve with photography, I can tell you the colors are quite often distorted by displays. What your sensor captures also varies a lot from what you'll see once it's formatted to JPEG or PNG.

    The different image on the other hand, seems a little stranger, but not drastic. I'd say just take a note on it. Request they update their photos and suck on!

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    I agree with the others that their response leaves a lot to be desired, but the actual transaction wouldn't be enough to upset me -- the color thing is definitely understandable and they may actually not have noticed/been aware that the change in pictures would be an issue until you pointed it out to them. At that point, I'd have done what you did -- contacted them and calmly explained that what you received was different than what you ordered. Their response, however, shows a distinct lack of interest in working with you towards a solution.

    Since they asked for suggestions, I would personally have asked for a discount on a future purchase (since this interaction is, in itself, not enough to make me no longer purchase things through the company) and kept the pacifier you received (or tried to find someone who would purchase it from you at the same price you paid for it -- while you may not like the one you received, a lot of ABs might; if I were currently in the market for one, I would definitely take it off your hands for the price you paid for it).

    But I suppose it really matters more what kind of recompense you want. If a discount on a future purchase doesn't interest you, think about what would. Ultimately it's about what you think is a fair solution for the issue that also lets you feel like your money hasn't been wasted.

    But I'm glad to see you're handing this calmly. I used to work customer service and having been on the receiving end of some seriously impressive tirades in my day over incidents that were far more minor, I am always glad to see people handling themselves with dignity. Just because we're ABs doesn't mean we have to act like actual least when it comes to this, you know?

    Seriously, though, if you haven't used the pacifier yet, I would recommend seeing if anyone here (or on a site like eBay or the like) would be willing to purchase it from you at the same price you paid for it, since you're unhappy with it. That way you can get your money back and purchase something more to your liking (from this company or elsewhere) but the paci won't go to waste when a loving home could be found.

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