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Thread: Sitting on an ABDL "Gold" Mine

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    Default Sitting on an ABDL "Gold" Mine

    I think this could fall under the stash category, but I feel like this is a separate issue.

    Well yet again, I sift through the millions of ads on craigslist and the like. One ad really intrigued me, it was for a liquidator store, but it had all kinds of diapers and pull ups. It was literally a gold mine for abdl collectors and each pack was for only $10. omg it looked good!

    I was wondering if anyone has ever stumbled upon any really good deals like this? or have seen people with these "vintage" diapers and they're just sitting there or selling them for almost nothing?

    To answer myself again, my grandparents yet again, with cases of the old white goodnites. I managed to snag a few. Yes it was bad, but they were throwing them out. so bleh! hehe
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    If it's not too personal can you give the general area (location) on craigslist or the name of the store and a town?

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    Default Sitting on an ABDL "Gold" Mine

    I frequent a small little country store that's near a lake by us that has had for years and years, like three packs of size XL vintage Luvs, and a old looking green package of large Goodnites (not really sure from what year). They've been market the same price for as long as I can remember them being there: $4.99 each.

    Sadly, every time I'm there I'm with my family and cannot even think of buying them, as we usually only go down there to mess around on the family boat. Plus, over the years we've come to be good friends with the owners of the store, and they would probably be very suspicious if I bought vintage diapers that have probably been sitting on the same shelf unpurchased for a dozen years or more.

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    well the link might not work after awhile, but here are some places.
    they are not too old, but definitely some from the 90s, would do anything for a few packs of the mickey mouse pull-ups >.< my childhood *clutches heart* hehe

    and then there are just some people just lowballing bunches of goodnites or other diapers and i can't believe it. but i got lucky so one time of craigslist. i posted about it under another topic.

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