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    I can trace my interest in diapers back to when I was in third grade. Although it took until I was in college to buy and wear. At first I was ashamed and super shy about wearing and wanting a binkie and a bottle. I do have a sissy side and I was ashamed about liking to wear panties and bras and girly things. Now that I have embraced and accepted who I am, I have never felt more relaxed and comfortable. I have no problem buying diapers or girly items in person, although for the best diapers I order online. I think it is of the utmost importance for all of us to remember that if we are being true to ourselves there is nothing to be ashamed about. Ignorance from others comes from an unwillingness to accept. People often forget that acceptance doesn't mean agreeing. It's sad that we are judged for being ourselves, but together we are strong and supportive! The true meaning of community. I hope one day everyone will be able to achieve the level of comfortness that I have. Be true to you!!!

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    This is too true! It doesn't matter who you are or what you like so long as you can be comfortable with yourself. This goes for anything, not just AB/DL. You have expressed the meaning of this group, in its simplest essence. We help each other accept who we are and grow alongside each other.

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    Its hard, I think in a sense everyone is on this journey, self acceptance! I still feel a hint of shame and I beat myself up sometimes for being who I am, but each time you do go through that, make sure you take some time to comfort yourself and forgive yourself for hurting , and pretend you have a parent telling you "its ok to be you, I love you the way you are" :]
    take care <3


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