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Thread: Leaving On a trip for an extened time Looking for local supply if I would run out

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    Default Leaving On a trip for an extened time Looking for local supply if I would run out

    Ok going to be gone for 4 weeks to Hot Springs AR for job stuff I am bringing a supply with me but If I would run out can any one suggest or know of a place to purchase if need be I don't do wall-mart or CVS or walgreens as they never carry my size and the Breathable types they sell dont hold up as well as what I take and I will not be able to get deliveries from who I normal order from any info on local places to buy would be great

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    in particular abena or molliecare or Tena if I have to but advoiding them due to not using plasticbacked any more

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    I would suggest just doing some quick research on local home medical supply stores to where your staying. They would have better brands then chain drug stores and would give you no friction about buying diapers. Hope this helped.

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    Sorry, I don't know anything about diapers in Arkansas, except that you could look into having things delivered to a UPS store for pickup.

    However, your thread title really made me think of this game: I’m Going on a Trip Game | Do It And How. "I'm going on a trip and I'm going to bring Abenas...?" Too easy.

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    May I ask why you cannot take delivery at the temporary location? Post office boxes may be rented short term, UPS and Fed Ex can hold packages for pickup, and hotels can receive packages for guests. I have used these options and they work well.

    Hotel staff are primarily concerned with customer satisfaction. Delivery of 2 aluminum rods 2" D x12" L in a flat-fate box was noted as an odd package by the front desk because of the concentrated weight and poor packing job. The person was concerned that the contents may have broken in shipping and they had signed for it. Since I was happy, the front desk quickly forgot about it and focused on more pressing concerns. If I was ordering diapers, I would try to limit each package to only one bag per box to keep the box size and weight reasonable for the hotel staff to handle. Other than that, I would not worry about receiving diapers at a hotel. They already receive deliveries to stock the soap, shampoo, and other items required by the guests; one more box won't matter.

    As for finding diapers in the local area, I use Tena's and Tranquility's websites to find local vendors in addition to using the local phone book. Medical supply stores rarely stock incontinence supplies, but may have premium brands available. Some paper product distributors also sell incontinence supplies to the general public. This was how I got good ones locally in South Dakota. It may take some time on the Internet and phone, but you should be able to find something reasonable locally. Good luck!

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