Have you guys ever run into that girl that sends you messages online posing to be a real girl? Well, i just had that happen to me and almost fell for it. I thought it would be a funny thing to post my conversation here making sure to bleep out any unnecessary information.

So i present my trip into the world of robot frauds.

riley sanchez

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riley: heya
Sent at 8:58 PM on Friday
riley: heya
me: ok so one question you asked perm to chat with me who are you?
riley: well, before i tell you exactly who I am..I want to show you, will u watch my cam show?? I think you'll be very surprised at what your about to see lol
me: im afraid
riley: hii there ... I don't recall where I found you're screename..im a 24years old female... you?
me: 21
i have my screen names all over the internet
riley: im not desperate hehe i just enjoy talkin to ppl online especially via webcam, do u webcam?
me: i do it depends on who you are
riley: ah ok are u jonied to any dating sites? im tryin to remember where i found ya..
me: youl say ill be surprised i hope your not law coming after me for somereason
im on many
riley: i wanted to join Adult friend finder but they charge too much! so i use Flingcams instead... have you heard of them?
me: ok cupid kwink are regulars
riley: My personal profile is www.******************.us , and if you it'll let you watch me on full screen :P
me: not live
riley: okie after u join you just select the login now button and make a username for our chat just complete the signup page so we can webcam there, im gona log off of here in a second
me: i have my suspicions about the net as anyone would
riley: hehe, I have a fetish for bein on cam :P it's a naughty fetish I know but im a dirty gurl lol
me: and this is what a internet add would say to me
riley: It's free with my page, I'm a vip on here lol! i jus love to show my ***** online... andd I can ****** lol, have you ever watched a girl ******? :P
me: ok you lost me
not doing it anymore
riley: credit card is just to verify your age, it's free thru my cam session invite since I'm a premium member...but if we go ultra private you may have to show me that your a generous man hehe
me: i dont watch porn online not live not private
riley: yup, then once your logged in my video will appear again right in front of you, and you can join me for some private time
me: ROBOT!
riley: yea just follow through it and then make a username for our chat babe, and we'll be connected live then i'll do a buncha naughty things for you lol
me: Hmm Have you met cleverbot i think you 2 would have a real good chat
riley: yes im real
me: prove it
riley: are u in babe??
me: im in the money im in the money!
riley: k
me: hey you should totaly go cleverbot.com
riley: hey whats up sweetie?
Has this ever happened to you? Id like to hear about your honest conversation.

heres my conversation in a nutshell