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Thread: A little input on diapers please?

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    Default A little input on diapers please?

    I just began being a diaper lover, and I have absolutely no clue what type of diapers to use. I am just a diaper lover, but I also wouldn't mind wearing
    ABDL-like diapers such as bambinos or famines. I am looking for something that is absorbent, soft, and comfortable. I can give up a little bit of discretion because I don't go out in public often but I probably will at some point. I also
    pull up types but I also like tape types so it doesn't matter which type.

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    Well, everyone loves plastic-backed Abena abri-form X-plus diapers. Those hold a lot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maker View Post
    Well, everyone loves plastic-backed Abena abri-form X-plus diapers. Those hold a lot.
    I agree I have worn these out in public and they are quite absorbent and discreet in public from my experiences.

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    well the good ab diapers are bambinos, cushies, and aww so cute (they are fairly new though so you won't find as many reviews) . For non AB try molicare, tena, or fabines you might also try the wallgreens or cvs brand diapers if you're on a budget I was impressed with them.

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    If you're just starting in on this, I suggest you start by 'treading lightly'. Start with cheaper products so as to familiarize yourself with them. This helps reduce the feeling of having wasted so much money on diapers should you decide you don't like them. It also helps to know your waist size and be able to generalize your sizing range. For example I have a 40" waist so a large is where I'm at, 30-32 is somewhere in the medium range, and so on. Finally take the following scenarios with an entire can of Morton salt. Both scenarios assume you don't (immediately) intend to use the diapers for the intended purpose; just wearing them.

    For the first scenario, I shall assume that you are familiar with online shopping and receiving a box on your/your parents/a per-arranged doorstep is a separate issue. Start by looking into sample packs of diapers. I personally don't do sample packs but if you search this site for posts relating to sample packs, you will find threads with links to sites that offer free or inexpensive sample packs. If you do decide that you like wearing diapers, the articles we have on diaper reviews will help you explore what you want as well as provide an excellent reference on what to expect. When searching for abdl diapers, avoid ebay and Craigslist; many sales border on outright highway robbery.

    The other scenario happens to be rather limiting; as it assumes either you aren't familiar with online ordering, receiving a shipment will be an issue, or you just plain don't want to shop online for whatever reason. Many here know your pain. There are many stores that have diapers including but not limited to Wal-mart, CVS, Walgreens, Rite-Aid, Any pharmacy chain store (individually owned pharmacies may or may not have stock), and Staples even has diapers to sell. Craigslist can be hit or miss and when thrift stores do have diapers, pay attention to the size. Thrift store diapers are also more likely to be much older revisions and thus the quality can vary greatly. As stated before, go cheap and find out if you like wearing or not.

    You stated that you are impartial either diaper type (non-/abdl); so to give you an additional pointer: abdl diapers are generally more expensive than their common folk counterparts; they range from pricey to "let's save these for a really special occasion.

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    I recommend Tena Maxis. They are deceptively thin when dry, but incredibly thick and comfy when wet

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    If you want premium plastic backed, here are some of the more common ones: tena maxi (comes in small), molicare super plus (comes in small), and abena (no plastic backed smalls ). If you want to go quick and cheap, you can usually find depends protection with tabs for ~50 cents/diaper at somewhere like wal-mart of k-mart (drugstores tend to change more).

    If you want to go cloth backed for some reason, abena and tena make decent cloth backed (at least as decent as cloth backed can be). Abena also makes a cloth backed pullup that's pretty nice.

    All of the premiums will perform "well". Differences between them are pretty small and mostly come down to individual preference, size/shape, and usage patterns.

    If you go with any of the more AB specialized stuff, it usually ends up being more expensive.

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    My fav diapers are Bambino and Abena, I have worn both in public they are thicker but way absorbent. I also have used store bought brands. While no where near as absorbent they are thinner and easier to hide when in public. Best advice I have is do some looking online, most medical supply stores offer some sort of sample pack at little or no cost, this way you don't have to drop a ton of money trying to find a brand you like.

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