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Thread: Tell me about your caretaker, if you have one! Let's share stories / ideas.

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    Default Tell me about your caretaker, if you have one! Let's share stories / ideas.

    I'm not really an adult baby, but more of a 'little girl', so i hope this is the right place to post.

    I'm going to shorten what is a sort of complicated story about my situation to this: I have a kidney infection which causes me to pee in my sleep. My boyfriend, who's taken great care of me in my illness which caused me to regress and get needy, suggested that, instead of going to the toilet because of urgency every 10-15 minutes, I just wear goodnites (my review here)full-time until I'm better. We're trying to enjoy an embarrassing situation and have it bring us even closer

    We're new to age play (I feel like I shouldn't even call it that because it gives it a sexual connotation) and I'm not sure how to go about this and have 'little' time and 'big' time if you know what I mean. I'm mostly little now because I'm sick, but in the future. If you can help me out there, let me know.

    Anyway, here are some stories I'll share so far (only a couple days), and I'd love if you'd share your own if you're lucky enough to have them!!!

    • my boyfriend's grandma just died this week, and he was really torn up about it. they were very close. yesterday, I had a fever of 101.8 from being sick and I was very loopy and tired and grumpy.
      he stood me up while our friend was at the bathroom, hugged me (more like held me) very closely, and started rocking me back and forth as if we were dancing, humming a song I didn't know. I felt so content and so safe, it was indescribable, like no other warmth or comfort or ease or peace I've EVER felt before. This went on for a few minutes and I think I literally fell asleep with my face in his chest.
      I woke up when I heard a 'shhh' which I guess was my boyfriend telling our friend to be quiet because he was rocking me to sleep. later on, he told me he tried to stop rocking me and humming several times, but he just couldn't. he said he felt like his grandma's spirit got inside him and he was taking care of me like she did him.
    • i told my boyfriend I was embarrassed and didn't want to wear the goodnites and he replied very simply: "well too bad. you need them."
      So I told him, "well I've got 26 left, so since we already have them, i will, but only until they're gone."
      and he said "well, that's up to your bladder, sweetheart. If you can't control it, it's okay, no one's going to see but me."
    • I told him I kept waking up at night feeling like i was sitting in an old bathtub (cold, wet diaper) and he told me he's going to start having me stay over his place so he can try to change me while I sleep before I get cold, so I don't have to wake up all the way. (I don't know how this will work, though, considering goodnites are pullups)

    That's really it so far! I haven't worn in front of him yet, but will tomorrow, so I'll let you know how it goes. I'm really nervous :/ Any suggestions on 'little' activities? What sort of things do you do with your caretaker? Any stories?

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    Sounds like you have a really sweet and loving boyfriend/caretaker! I'm happy for you!

    My caretaker/daddy is also my boyfriend. We take turns being caretaker or little when we are ageplaying. For right now, our relationship is only online and long distance. We ended up meeting here as friends and later deciding to have a relationship. (He's Adventurer on here.) We mostly text chat but sometimes video chat and video roleplay. We have plans to get together though in the near future.

    Because of his personality and behavior, it's sort of like having a faster-talking Mr. Rogers as my daddy, which is terrific! He's gentle, always ready to teach or explore the world or be there as a shoulder to cry on if need be. Also, he has a strangely unique talent of writing poetry rapidly in real time. So he's written me a quick bedtime story as fast as he can type it, all rhyming, adorable, and actually narrating a little story. I guess my daddy is also half Dr. Suess! Anyone else's caregivers have hidden talents like that?

    Because I grew up in a bad (abusive) situation, I end up learning a lot about what's normal and what isn't from him. I find that to be really helpful and so very therapeutic. Sometimes my little side can't help but to test him, to see what he'll do, and he always does a fantastic job of being consistent and reliable and always loving - even if I end up in a corner.

    I feel really blessed to have him as my caregiver. He's everything I always dreamed of in one. It's also nice that we enjoy each other outside of AB time, so we get to have a nice, well-rounded relationship overall. The only bummer about him is the distance between us!

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    I'm not really sure if this applies to me ,but my gf will do nice things for me like wash my hair at bath time and change me if I ask nicely, I really like it when she cuddles me on the sofa at night and talks to me in a soft voice, it's not much I know ,but to me it's magical.

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    I like the Mr. Roger's reference, Mr Rogers was nice and soft, my dad was all discipline and right and wrong black and white, Oh what I'd give to have a caretaker like yours! I've have 1 session with a professional AB mommy and it was great, I suggest these:

    Usually regression for me begins with a diaper change....having someone change your diaper or tell you to put on your diaper and help you put on your clothes (jammies in your case) is good at putting you in "little mode"

    -Snack time
    -Playing with toys, pretending (legos dolls, puzzles)
    -Watching cartoon
    -Feeding from snacks/bottle cuddling your choice :]
    -Just quiet bonding by holding

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    I don't have a caretaker but my ideal one would be really nice and take care of me and play with my hair to help me sleep and would never spank me as a punishment or punish me sexually because I think that's gross and yeah

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    Well, as Frogsy mentioned, we're in a relationship and we switch between the big and little roles when ageplaying. I don't know if I can emphasize how wonderful a mommy she's been (at least not as well as she's made me out to be!), but I can try.

    We do a lot of ddifferent activities together. Sometimes we "go" places like the fair or to a museum - things we couldn't do irl but can do in an online roleplay. Other times we spend time at home together playing pretend games, watching cartoons, or coloring. Since we both have big imaginations, these scenarios really come to life!

    I think the best part about my mommy, though, is that she lets me be myself. I tend to be a very secretive person, and it's largely because I fear that people will reject me. When I share something upsetting or frightening, I don't have to worry, because I know my mommy will still love me. Even if I break a rule - and that's something ive always been terrified to do! I notice this the most in the context of being an LG. I'd given up on finding anyone who could accept me as not only an adult baby, but one who wears dresses and identifies as a girl at the same time. Yet she embraced this side of me fully, doing RPs where we shopped for dresses or painted each others' nails. To be told that my LG side is beautiful - not just accepted, but wholeheartedly embraced - is one of the most beautiful gifts ive ever received. And she'd never even thought much about LGs before meeting me - she decided to give it a try, though. There aren't many people that open-minded in the world!

    To bring it back to the main topic, you can do a lot of activities with a caregiver, but the most important gift they can give you is unconditional love and kindness. Ive received this from my mommy, and I'm so thankful that I can safely be myself with her. It's been a dream come true!

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