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Thread: what would you do? Sharing my stash.

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    Default what would you do? Sharing my stash.

    My wife manages a grocery store, one of her employees is having a bad week , rent is due and her year and a half old kid needs diapers. My wife loans her diaper money, and tells me the story.
    So I just happen to have a small , okay huge package of pampers that would fit the kid, because they fit me too. So how can we give them a case of diapers without saying I wear these.

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    Well, if the package isn't open it would be easy to simply say you know the baby needs diapers so you picked some up for him/her. But if it's open and diapers have been taken out of it, it would be harder to explain. I guess you could say the store had them on sale because the package was damaged?..... Also I'm guessing they're probably size 6? Those would be too large for the average child that age, so they might not fit that well...

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    You got them from a friend or family member who's kid no longer needed them? Good on you guys for lending a hand

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    Quote Originally Posted by LilBiker View Post
    You got them from a friend or family member who's kid no longer needed them? Good on you guys for lending a hand
    This is probably the best reason you can give. It's simple, believable, and they'll probably be too thankful to question it anyway.

    Remember, if you have baby diapers, no one is going to assume they're yours! Most people aren't even aware of ABs. They'll happily accept thay you asked for donations to help them.

    Again, good for you for helping out! I think they'll really appreciate this!

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    Just give it to them? No one, ever, will ever just immediately assume you wear them. At most they'll assume that another toddler in your family wears them, but that's it.

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