who here actually has an Age play Persona?

i got mine through playing a table top RPG New World Of Darkness, it was a lesser known Home Brew off set called Innocence. basicly create a child Charecter between 6 and 12. mine came out as such

His Name Is Aieden Chekov hes was born of a Russian Father and English Mother just after the turn of the Century (1903 was DOB)

roughly 6 or 7 in appearance he was an old Vampire of the Mekhet Clan that was turned as a child, wears Diapers Because he Can and wants to. he was a major gamer spending many hours a week on Video games.

in game he spent most of his time as an enforcer and body guard to the rest of the party because he was much stronger and faster than a normal Child, he also excelled in Computers and Hacking and had access to the "Hacker Network" (a network we made up containing the worlds greatest hackers who share any and all information that could ever be wanted or obtained among each other for free but others for a price)Aieden was admin to the LA Hub of the Network he was the one you went to if you wanted to disappear and go OTG.

im actually going to have an artist on FA Draw him for me.

Any one else have a persona and a background?