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    Hi everyone!

    I've been wearing diapers on and off for about 12 years but have only recently gotten the opportunity to wear 24/7. I've always been curious about being incontinent and knowing what it was like to have to wear 24/7, so I figured that it was finally time to try it! I'm a medical student, so I knew that it was going to be a challenge, but I really wanted to stick to my commitment to give it a true 24/7, no excuses experience for a full 2 weeks. It's only been 3 days so far (started Monday night at 7:30), and it's already been pretty hard. Diaper rash hasn't quite started yet, but it's definitely itchy to have to keep your diaper on 24/7. When I'm at school, which is 8+ hours per day, I can't always change my wet diaper right away, so it gets to be pretty uncomfortable really quickly. I know this is nothing too new or exciting for everybody on here, but I figured that I'd start documenting my experience and could count on everybody for support!

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    Well try petroleum jelly and ironically cornstarch baby powder(unscented). you see your skin is tougher then a newborns skin and as a result skincare products that are designed to help babies are more then adequate for an adult unless they happen to have some sort of skin condition that I have never heard of. whatever you do do NOT get talcum powder though. Talcum powder is actually a carcinogen if you accidentally inhale it. keep in mind if you have ever smelled talcum based baby powder then you have already inhaled it. the Vaseline (petroleum jelly) I use does wonder for me and under no circumstances should you wear a wet diaper that long if nothing else got to a restroom where you can change if you have to because that diaper is going to eventually eat your skin alive at some point. also after you get home try using gentle cleaning soaps of any kind so as to help make your skin healthy. here's a link to a really nice baby powder that I would recommend for you. I bought this from Walmart and also I would suggest you get some baby wipes as well to help clean your skin during the day when you change. I will post a link to that as well.

    Johnson's Pure Cornstarch With Aloe & Vitamin E Baby Powder, 15 oz -
    Shop for Parent's Choice Unscented Baby Wipes at Save money. Live better.
    Vaseline 100% Pure Petroleum Jelly, 13 oz -

    Now the reason why I recommend that you get unscented skin care products is because the fragrance can irritate particularly irritable or sensitive skin and because it could make people wonder where the smell is coming from and make you nervous. It's also a good idea to carry some of these skin care items with you and store them someplace secure and make sure you bring more then what you think you might need hypothetically just in case something unexpected comes up.

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