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Thread: Any lonely todder advice?

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    Default Any lonely todder advice?

    Sadly when my toddler side goes active I feel abandoned, forgotten and alone. All I want to do is run into someone's loving arms, and know that I'm safe there. If anyone has any advice to help I'd be greatful.

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    When I don't have anyone to hold me I snuggle up to my big fluffy stuffed doggie.
    You might want to find a cuddly stuffed animal that you can hug. It helps me alot

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    Yea, only ones I have to hug/play/love with are my stuffed Mickey,Minnie, and Winnie the Pooh. Not sure what I'd do without them.
    This is probably the best thing for you, get a stuffed animal that you like. Some people like non specific ones, but for me my friends Need some sort of backstory/personality. In my case I've seen every Mickey short and various other shows/movies as well as the same with pooh, I feel like it adds more to the 'relationship'.

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    It's hard being a lonely toddler here are few ideas that have helped me....

    -Find a place to almost "burrow in" like a pile of blankets or a safe corner...maybe with a nightlight or a nice song playing...the feeling of blankets or soft things around you can help, especially if it feels like your sitting with someone or on someone's lap :]

    - If you know anyone that is pretty maternal and talks to you as such, talk to them for a while..I have one friend who soothes me a lot just with the sound of her voice, she's very maternal with me...

    - Make a pretend baby schedule....this might sound silly, but if you make a poster of something your pretend mommy or daddy would make for you , and maybe picture a loving parent in your head that is telling you "now its nap time"

    -Theres a song by Celine Dion- called "My Precious One" that makes me feel loved,....she's singing to a baby <3
    Some other helpful songs, are
    Billy Joel -Goodnight my angel

    Watch nice kid movies :] and keep your bottle and paci nearby as you watch....

    Get baby snacks for yourself and make a little mess eating it, like get crumbs on your face hehe this might sound bizarre, but it makes me feel like I need to wait for my mom or dad to clean me up....of course I clean myself up but....I guess just pretending is fun :]

    Keep lots of stuffies around and pretend with them <3

    Hope these aren't silly, but they help me sometimes...I'm a lonely toddler too , I feel alone , forgotten and abandoned too....sometimes if you cry with a stuffed animal and picture a mom or dad saying "its ok to cry" it helps too...nothing wrong with crying (I had to learn that )


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    I do know this feeling very well too. Someone arms is not always available.
    Depending on time of day, maybe wear something you really like too.
    If its at night or close to it. I love to wear footies or a favorite PJs.

    A small blankie is nice, maybe not to use if its hot, just to have near.
    Also as said a plushie can be amazing for this. To hug, talk to, even just to vent out to.
    I also don't know what I would do without my plushies. They helped me growing up through my life so much.
    Even still today I always have a plushie near by.

    Also as said watch something you like, maybe a small snack you enjoy as well.
    Make them into bite sized pieces if possible.

    After a lil bit you should be able to find some things that may start to work for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babygohan View Post
    Sadly when my toddler side goes active I feel abandoned, forgotten and alone. All I want to do is run into someone's loving arms, and know that I'm safe there. If anyone has any advice to help I'd be greatful.
    I am the same way. When I feel like that the best thing I've found is to is curl up in bed with my blankie, plushie, paci and a fresh diaper and take lil nap.

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