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    Hi, I come from the state of California and I am a Babyfur (lion). I love to write music and play on my 360, which I probably spend too much time on. I am also a figure skater, although I'm not as good as any you may have seen on tv. I did win my last competition ! Anyways, I found this place through and I come here in the hopes that I can make some good friends online whether they are Babyfur or anything else so I can actually talk to someone without fear of getting bullied. Thanks!

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    Welcome cubby lion! Hope you like it here on ADISC. I am not a babyfur, but I love lions! If you need help with anything, don't hesitate to ask.

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    Hey and welcome to the site. Most of the people here are very friendly, so you should find this place very welcoming and enjoyable. In short, you shouldn't have too much trouble making friends.

    You write music? That is pretty sweet. What instrument do you generally write with? Just wondering, because I too love to write music, though I'm more the singer/songwriter type playing guitar. Also, what kind of music are you in to?

    Anyways, enough questions. I hope you like it here!

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    I don't like a specific genre, to me if the song is good then I'll take it be it Hardcore Rock or "Old Classical." At first I wrote music using the piano and just tried to learn to transpose to whatever instruments I could but I eventually got a program for my computer "Finale PrintMusic" which is awesome and has hundreds of instruments with amazing sound quality. It makes writing music sooo much easier. I also love to play the stuff and I have learned to play quite a few instruments! 'Tis fun...

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    Welcome to our community! I hope you enjoy it here!

    Feel free to post around as you please.

    Interesting you found this on, thats kind of funny too. What did you ask to bring up our site? Who wears diapers? lol

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