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    I placed an order on Amazon earlier this week through the seller LD Associates. I was a bit apprehensive since I couldn't find anything that said 'fulfilment by Amazon' and was halfway expecting to receive a visible bag with a shipping label stuck on it. My Abenas arrived in a plain cardboard box (with a couple of packing bubbles ). In the future though I may just have them sent to a Locker (wasn't aware they existed until lately) just so it doesn't give anyone curiosity why a certain sized package comes all the time. But anyway I hope it encourages anyone else too shy to order online

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    Congrats on your first purchase. I don't think anybody will have a clue as to what you buy on a regular basis. They'll deliver it and move onto their next stop. As far as shipping to a locker their might be an extra charge for shipping,
    but that should be about it and you pick it up.

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    They probably won't notice, and if they do, I doubt their mind will go to diapers. Amazon in particular offers subscriptions to household and non-perishable food items where you can have it set up to deliver, for example, a bottle of shampoo to your house once a month (or once every three months...whatever schedule you'd like, really) or a bottle of shampoo and a box of crackers or whatever, really. So lots of people get similarly shaped boxes every month on a regular schedule and that has nothing to do with diapers. Mail carriers are used to that sort of thing by now, so they probably won't even think of it.

    Congrats on your purchase!

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    Great job on your first order!! I agree, most times are fears if being "found out" are based on other peoples thoughts. Mail carriers have a job to do and don't get caught up in what's inside of the package they deliver. Take a deep breath and relax, nobody is going to know what's inside, I have had diapers delivered to me at a house where I was living with 5 other people and they didn't even know or ask what was inside.

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