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Thread: Hi! so happy this place exists!

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    Default Hi! so happy this place exists!

    Victoria is not my real name, but my middle name. I'm 18 and I go to college in New York state. I'm studying art! I love it. Writing is the light of my life and I know so many of you will know what I mean when I say i wouldn't be here if I didn't have it.

    What brought me here is a strange story so I'm going to be very honest. My boyfriend, he's 19, and I have been together for a while now. We made it through severe physical and psychological illness and we're stuck like glue - we're family now! But recently, we were having adult-times and I got a UTI. I sort of blew it off because I never really take care of my illnesses as well as I should.

    Well, that was a mistake, because it turned into a kidney infection. Whenever I get sick, if there's a fever involved, I tend to get needy. I realize now, partly thanks to reading this forum, that that's regression at play and I'm looking for comfort. So it gave me a fever, a bunch of back pain, and it sent me running to the bathroom every few minutes with an urgency I'd never experienced before. This urgency made it difficult for me to sleep, so when I finally did fall asleep, I was basically passed-out and my body relieved the urgency without waking me up. I'm trying to say in a very objective way that I began to wet the bed.

    I didn't tell him for several days (EMBARRASSING) but when I finally did, it was completely normal. We haven't really talked about it, but I get the feeling he really likes me when I'm a little regressed, and sick me loves to be taken care of (selfish teenager, haha).

    Even more surprising than him liking it - I like it too! I didn't realize this could be so fun and comforting. It's been bringing us closer. He's been holding me on his lap when I'm tired, we get to snuggle all the time, and he's even just been caressing me more, you know what I mean?

    I didn't make the connection until he started tickling me whenever i said I had to pee, or pushing on my bladder to 'mess with me'. I realize now, with a little embarrassment but more excitement, that he isn't joking and it's really fun for him. Which is so cool! It's so fun for me too.

    So I'm starting to put things together now. How he always smiled really big and teased me and called me a baby when I shaved my nether-regions, how he always held me and told me he'd take care of me no matter what, and how he always talks about and sometimes spanks me jokingly (it was always non-sexual so I never thought anything about it other than a joke). One time he even insisted on using 'baby powder' (it wasn't, really) on me when I kept scratching after I shaved.

    We haven't had an outright conversation about it yet but I'm just excited to realize something I genuinely enjoy! I love this! I'm so happy there are other people who do too, and I'm so happy to have found this forum! I feel like I found out I enjoy this kind of late in my life compared to a lot of people, haha.

    It's nice to meet you! (also, no worries, my sickness is improving every day!)
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    You aren't the only one to deal with incontinence from traumatic experiences. I'm very glad you found ADISC and I'm sure you'll continue to find nothing but support from us. It's alot of fun here, too, so that's a major bonus! Enjoy your stay and find some friends you haven't met yet.

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    Thanks KCAboy! It's comforting to know thesis a normal thing, especially because, although the infection is clearing up, I'm still having nighttime issues and urgency problems. definitely feel less 'defective' here.

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    Trust me... there are worse ways to become incontinent, and more numerous ways than one might think. All of them are understandable and all are normal functions of the human body trying to heal itself after injury or illness.

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    Welcome, that's a nice story thanks for sharing it with us.

    I used to live near New York city. I loved visiting the art galleries there. Something I'll never forget it's a unique city.

    How's the weather there been?

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    I'm in New York state, so it's can-barely-walk-outside snowy right now, haha. i wish i went to school in the city, though. I think I'm transferring to a film school there next year!

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    Best bit of the story for me wasn't about the IC or the diapers but how happy you both are with the whole thing.

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    Thank you Raccoon! I feel super lucky. If I had anyone but him for a partner, or anyone but my best friend for my best friend, i'd be mortified. But last night my best friend J and I went to the store and he literally bought my goodnites (The biggest pack!) and then I made him lunchables while he drove. Then we packed a bowl (illegal but getting legalized) and talked about how ridiculous it was until we were both okay with calling them diapers, and he reminded me it's not my fault and not to be embarrassed about it because it's the kidney infection.

    My boyfriend has also been super supportive, but I haven't actually worn in front of either of them yet (though i did wear when i went to sleep last night and they worked surprisingly well, compared to what i've heard. fit great, didn't leak). That'll come soon, though, and I hope it goes well because I'm super nervous.

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    That's so awesome that you have someone to support you and makes you happy!!! There is no reason to be nervous, just be yourself and all will work out. Welcome to the site!!

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    I am also so happy that this place exists! I work at a day care and I get so jealous seeing the babies suck on a pacifier/dummy... I want my own paci and bottle but I'm too scared since I still live at home

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